Atzmon at His Best

This is one of Atzmon’s best interviews, exploring some of the themes he has analyzed before, i.e., Israel (not the problem but one of the symptoms/manifestations of Jewish power); Jewish identity politics; Jewishness, Judaism, zionism and Jews as distinct but overlapping categorical concepts; the insidious hypocrisy of the inherently tribal and supremacist Jewish “Left,” and other related themes.

He also talks about the cyclical “holocausts” Jews as a collective entity behaving “Jewishly” cause to have visited upon themselves, and notes that alongside the tragedy such reactions of the Goyim entail, the holocausts ultimately bring special gifts to Jews.

The only slight distraction is getting used to the way Atzmon pronounces the word “fact” and ignoring it. It may momentarily confuse the American listener. It’s a minor problem that does not take anything away from the FACT that watching this video will be a well-spent half an hour even for those who are well-informed and familiar with the topics project management apps. I highly recommend it.


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