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The War against Thought Crime

[Ed. Note: I am not a legal scholar but even I can tell that Canada’s (and much of Europe’s) laws against hate crimes are in dire need of streamlining. The number of crimes identified as “hate crimes” keeps growing by leaps and bounds due to the proliferation of conspiracy theories popping up in the alternative […]

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Ordinary Americans Becoming “Radicalized”

[Ed: Ordinary Americans are becoming “radicalized.” That’s the good news. I am using the hasbara term “radicalized” in irony and turning it on its head. It is not that Americans turn into “home-grown terrorists” who want to join “ISIS” or bring sharia law (what, to replace the Noahide laws?!). More ordinary Americans are waking up […]

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Israel’s Ministry of Truth

Israel’s Ministry of Truth has scrubbed the initial report on the Paris terrorist attacks, which had stated that Paris Jews had been warned that very morning of an imminent attack, and edited it in a new version to eliminate that piece of information. Ondingo anyone? Scott Creighton comments on Times of Israel’s Orwellian rewrite and […]

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September Alert

Adrian Salbuchi’s Analysis and Predictions

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Anthrax Attack of 2001: Another Inside Job?

Anthrax Attack of 2001: Another inside job ? Revisiting a forgotten episode of the “war on terror”  Only a few weeks after the attack of 9/11 2001, the US was again pushed into the terrorism psychosis, a second wave less spectacuar but much more pernicious: the letters contaminated with spores of the anthrax disease, anonymously sent and addressed to to the media […]

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Global Telecommunications Hijacked with an Atari and a 56K connection

Incredible : He highjacks a Chain of Global Telecommunications with Just an Atari and a 56 K Connection  After the successful feat of making three colossal towers of reinforced concrete and steel crumble by highjacking three commercial aircrafts with nothing but boxcutters on 9/11 2001, the obscure islamo-bamboulas have struck again. In fact, the TV5 Monde channel has been the target of a […]

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Mark Rubio et al.

Senator Marco Rubio – Israel First, America Last by Preston James, Ph.D [Ed. Note: The author of this article calls Mark Rubio “Marco Rubio” to emphasize the senator’s Hispanic origin and further in the article he suggests that Rubio might not be an American born US citizen and thus ineligible to run for President of […]

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Failed False Flags Ops and Coup d’Etats

Another day another failed false flag operation, coup d’etat or color revolution organized by the global plotters of the NWO: Nisman’s assassination doesn’t stick to to Cristina Fernandez Kirchner, the assassination of Nemtsov doesn’t stick to Putin and the planned coup d’etat in Venezuela is nipped in the bud by Maduro. They just can’t catch […]

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The Darkest View of All

If you think of yourself as a pessimist, read John Kaminsky’s analysis of the world’s current state and his predictions for the future and you may realize you are a frolicking care-fee optimist by comparison. The darkest view of all, the picture painted by Kaminsky contains all the fears all of us have, and some […]

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Rita Katz Deserved an Oscar Nomination

If the Academy of Motion Pictures allowed write-in votes for Oscar nominations I like to believe that Rita Katz would have been walking the red carpet this year, a shoe-in in the Video category. Her company, SITE, has made numerous and valuable contributions to the War on Terror. Rita has been castigated and derided by her […]

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ISIS™ and Hollywood

All those critics of the ISIS beheading videos would have been less disdainful of the artistic quality of Rita Katz’ releases if they had known that the videos were actually produced by professionals known worldwide for their expertise and artistry. Or maybe even more critical and exigent? Thanks to Greg Bacon for this find: Hollywood […]

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In for a Penny, in for a Pound?

By Richard Edmondson In the lead-up to this year’s Super Bowl–which, of course, was held this past Sunday without incident–a number of websites and videos (here, here, and here, for instance) speculated on the possibility of a false flag attack, possibly nuclear, occurring at the event. This of course is not new. Similar speculations were […]

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Rita Katz Makes Fire

Rita Katz did it again: she grabbed another “ISIS” video and, before ISIS™ managed to distribute it themselves she beat them to the punch and sold it to “Fix News.” Other networks went for the most bang for no buck deal: not paying to buy it yet citing and describing it as yet another proof […]

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Dicrocoelium dendriticum — Mind-Controlling Parasite

The Dicrocoelium dendriticum is a semitransparent parasite that takes control of its hosts’ brains and renders them into zombies that perform as commanded by the parasite against their life imperatives, including even suicide. In the video below “zombie ants” in Canada are presented and the process of mind-control is shown in all its essentials. Understanding the […]

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Charlie Hebdo Déjà Vú

  Charlie Hebdo déjà vú… By Adrian Salbuchi After the dreadful terror attack perpetrated last week against the weekly “Charlie Hebdo” in Paris, global attention continues firmly centered on France. It was indeed a horrendous act and the West’s Media have whipped up a growing frenzy of anti-Muslim emotion and a desire for revenge in […]

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False Flag Frame-up — Help to Save An Innocent Man

Defense Excluding and Avoiding the Conclusive “Backpack” Evidence                             Listen to the impassioned plea on this video: Expose the Boston Marathon frame-up and save an innocent man’s life and completely expose organized crime false-flags In the following video link there is sufficient […]

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One More Victim of the Charlie Affair

One more victim in the aftermath of the Charlie affair Police Commissioner Involved in Charlie Hebdo Investigation “Commits Suicide”. Total News Blackout By Prof Michel Chossudovsky Police Commissioner Helric Fredou, Number Two Police Officer of the Regional Service of France’s Judicial Police (JP), Limoges, (Haute-Vienne), “committed suicide on the night of Wednesday to Thursday at […]

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66,516,416 People in France Don’t Count

The population of France is given by wikipedia as 66,616,416 inhabitants. The Prime Minister, Manuel Valls — the same one who told a Jewish audience by way of assuring them of his allegiance that through his (Jewish) wife he is “eternally tied to Israel”– has made another startling statement. In response to the French Jewery […]

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I Am Charlie — I Can’t Think for Myself

“Je Suis Charlie” = “I Can’t Think For Myself Anymore” by Scott Creighton UPDATE: Go here to see a moving (not) sampling of images of idiots carrying JSC signs, painting the slogan on their faces, carrying big plastic pencils in honor of the racist dead. You can’t help but think of the film Wag the […]

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Americans Worth Saving

Are Americans worth saving? by John Kaminski Or will Mother Nature do to us what we have done to her? “Any state that fails to recognize the rights of man is obsolete.” — Rod Serling, The Twilight Zone, Episode 65: “The Obsolete Man” (1961) You have to wonder about the sanity of those deluded dupes […]

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