Fascist Felines

There are two kinds of analysts of current world events: those who “connect the dots” of known events or observed trends, and those who identify trends in advance, before they have even sprouted dots to connect. I strive to be among the latter. Feline fascism is such an emerging trend.

There has been an unusually large number of cats whose physical appearance is strongly reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s most recognizable facial traits: his mustache and his hair falling over one side of the forehead.

Is this odd similarity a random occurrence or is it an inherited particularity in feline offspring of National Socialist cats that seek mates sharing their ideology? It is not simply a matter of appearance, as demonstrated by the photo at the bottom showing a fascist feline trying to approximate a National Socialist salute.

The people who posted these photos on the social media in Europe seemed to find them humorous. Some may have done it out of nostalgia. The authorities, however, were not amused and reacted with speed:

Austrian man jailed for posting photo of Hitler cat
An Austrian man was tossed in jail for posting a series of Nazi-inspired photos on social media – including one of a cat making a Hitler-like salute. [Sentence: 18 months…]
The unidentified 38-year-old from Flachgau in the state of Salzburg was found guilty Thursday under the Nazi Prohibition Act – a 1947 Austrian constitutional law that prohibits all neo-Nazi or anti-Semitic activities – for posting the 20 online images.

No information on what happened to the cat, a legitimate question in view of this news of what is in store for the house where Hitler was born, whose memory may be preserved only in a controlled context:

Last month the Austrian government green-lighted a bill to strip the house in which Hitler was born from its present owner to prevent it from becoming a neo-Nazi pilgrimage site. The country’s interior minister, Wolfgang Sobotka, said the building, located in the small town of Braunau on the Inn in western Austria, should be demolished completely.

As for the fascist felines, it should be remembered that it doesn’t do to underestimate the power that domestic animals have over humans. They are capable of influencing the course of human history as sibyls or in other roles. It happened in Rome in 390 BCE:

If it hadn’t been for the Capitoline cackling geese the Italians would be speaking French today. (The Gauls’ revenge: inventing pâté de Foie Gras).

The fascist feline trend bears watching. Jailing people does not annul the portend, if this is one.


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