Has America Been Punk’ed?

[Ed. Note: Trump, the burlesque clown in white face of this round of presidential elections has managed to fool a large segment of the disenfranchised American middle class without even trying all that hard. Their hope did all the heavy lifting for him. From the contradictory, often absurd, statements he spews out of both corners of his mouth, his fans, animated by wishful thinking, retain only those that give them hope for real change. Not Bill Clinton’s “Hope,” not Obama’s never delivered “Change,” but a real shake-up of the system that engendered the current all-encompassing morass. When he “walks back,” modifies or outright retracts any of those statements, his obdurately loyal fans claim he is “only saying that to fool them (his “enemies”). But once in office, pow! He’ll pulverize them. He is all about “America First.” “The Donald” is a great patriot.”

No, he is not. It’s all about America First and Israel Firster. He is only punking you. ]

By Tom Mysiewicz

A popular American TV show “Punk’d” features an actor–Ashton Kutcher–who deceives various popular celebrities into believing they are responsible for some terrible calamity. In the case of Donald Trump, it appears we have another case of life imitating art. In this case, the victims appear to be America’s disintegrating (mostly white middle class.)

I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings for those who had any faith in “The Donald”. But wealthy Jews are lined up to pay into the political coffers of a gambler who stated he did not need wealthy contributors and would be beholden to no one. This from a man who got his start in gambling at the feet of Resorts International and the Jewish gangster Meyer Lansky. (I know, Lansky’s religion has nothing to do with it. Just like all Germans are not considered “responsible” for Hitler by organized Jewry, eh?)

This news comes after announcement of an historic meeting between Trump and the demonic Henry Kissinger.

Or the recent historic meeting with the scurrilous Paul Ryan at which Social Security and Medicare reportedly wound up on the trash heap of Trump history

Or Trump’s “walk back” of one of his more-sane ideas–repudiation of the fraudulent national debt. This has greatly reassured the multi-billionaires supporting this “populist” billionaire (most of whose former investors are NOT billionaires but frustrated creditors-in-bankruptcy):

The “irreparable” gulf with FOX neocon mouthpiece Megyn Kelly has mysteriously closed and she now gets along quite well with Trump.

Former Mexican president Vincente Fox now loves Trump (but in separate statements excoriates white Trump supporters as drunken, lazy, uneducated idiots).

What about multiple standing ovations for “the Donald” at the Jewish-supremacist AIPAC convention? Goys do not generally get such accolades! (Netanyahu, on the other hand, gets repeated standing ovations from the goy Congress.)

Is a pattern starting to emerge here? The blog “Blacklisted News” partially summarizes it well:

“Since clinching the Republican nomination, Trump’s true colors have started to emerge. He named a former Goldman Sachs partner to run his fundraising efforts, he named petty authoritarian, gangster wannabe Chris Christie to run his transition team, and he chose “everyone’s a terrorist” Rudy Giuliani as his planned head of the domestic gestapo, the Department of Homeland Security. He’s also been endorsed by Orc King Sheldon Adelson, who said he was prepared to spend $100 millionto get him elected. Now he’s off to kiss the blood-soaked hands of Henry Kissinger.”watch The Lady in the Van 2015 film online now

America, it’s sure starting to look like you have been punked.


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