Hillary, the Liar

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Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar. All politicians in both parties are liars. The only time they tell the truth, at least in part, is when they attack each other.download Cobain: Montage of Heck movie

Obama is a liar but in this collections of attack ads against Hillary Clinton he is telling the truth: she is a shameless liar and a base opportunist, with no core principles remotely resembling morality and no allegiance to anything except the advancement of her political career at any costs.

She is also a war criminal but of course Obama, the Nobel Prize war criminal, cannot afford to attack her from that angle. She is also an obedient servant of the Jewish lobby and Wall Street (also part of the Jewish lobby) goose canada, but that is another angle of criticism unavailable to Obama canada goose, “the first Jewish President of the US.”

Still, what he was able to use in these attack ads is worth remembering now that she is running to enter the house from which she and “Bill” stole what was not nailed down the last time around (and was forced to return after inventory was taken): the White House.

Let us hope more American voters are aware of this. Pass it on.


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