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The Memoirs of St. John

goose canada  canada goose   “For the month of July only canada goose goose canada, Richard Edmondson’s latest book, The Memoirs of Saint John: When the Sandstone Crumbles, will be on sale at the Smashwords Bookstore at 50% off.  Movie All Is Inferno (2016) Part two in the Memoirs of Saint John series, the novel continues the story […]

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Holocaust Denial: Romania’s New Dracula

“Holocaust denial,” i.e., rejecting or even doubting any portion of the what Arthur R. Butz amply documented to be “the hoax of the twentieth century, is banned in all Western European countries as well as in some of Rumsfeld’s “new Europe.” But banned twice? Only in Romania. It was first banned in 2002. The Jews […]

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May 9, “The Good War” Victory Day

It is ridiculous for Obama to snub the Russians by refusing to attend the May 9 celebration of Victory Day in Moscow and pathetic for the vassals of the US (e.g., Merkel, Cameron et al.) to fall in line by following suit. The attempt by the West to rewrite history by pretending the Soviet Union […]

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The Strange Assassination of King Faisal

The Strange Assassination of King Faisal 40 Years Ago by Laurent Guyénot   King Faisal On March 25 1975, King Faisal, authentic defender of the Palestinian cause, was assassinated by his nephew, Faisal ibn Musad, a weak young man just returned from Berkeley, California where, smitten by the charms of a young actress, he had become a drug addict. First, a look […]

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W A T C H Sleepless (2017) Online Free Putlocker

Sleepless (2017) Full Movie Online Watch Free , English Subtitles Full HD, Free Movies Streaming , Free Latest Films. Sleepless (2017) HD [1080p] Director : Baran bo Odar Release : January 12, 2017 Production Company : FilmNation Entertainment, Vertigo Entertainment, Riverstone Pictures, Open Road Films (II) Language : en Runtime : 95 min. Genre : […]

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W A T C H™ Sleepless (2017) [HD] Online Putlocker HD1080P

Sleepless (2017) Free Latest Films, Full Movie Online Watch Free, Free Movies Streaming, English Subtitles Full HD. Quality : HD Title : Sleepless. Director : Baran bo Odar Release : January 12, 2017 Language : en. Runtime : 95 min Genre : Crime, Action, Thriller. Plot ‘Sleepless’ is great film tell story about Undercover Las […]

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[INSTANT] [HD] Hidden Figures (2016) For Free Online

Hidden Figures (2016) Free Latest Films, Full Movie Online Streaming Free, Free Movies Streaming, English Subtitles Full HD. Quality : HD Title : Hidden Figures. Director : Theodore Melfi Release : December 10, 2016 Language : en. Runtime : 127 min Genre : History, Drama. Plot ‘Hidden Figures’ is great movie tell story about The […]

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On the Question of Whether Jesus was a “Jew”–fourth and final

By Richard Edmondson Below is the fourth and final installment of Benjamin Freedman’s October 10, 1954 letter to David Goldstein—and a few words, by way of intro, are probably in order here as well, so if you will, please bear with me. In this section of his letter, Freedman cites research on the Talmud done […]

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On the Question of Whether Jesus was a “Jew”–pt. 3

By Richard Edmondson Below is the third installment of Benjamin Freedman’s 1954 letter on the question of whether Jesus should be referred to or regarded as a “Jew.” If you haven’t read the first two parts, I strongly encourage you to do so. Part one is here and part two is here. In this third […]

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The Wolf, the Bear and the Nomads

As an old Russian saying has it, “If the Wolf and the Bear joined forces they could turn the world over,” a prospect that terrifies the “Nomads,” says Sergey Strizhak in this video. These Russian sentiments for Germans as their fellow victims and this view of recent history is not likely to get much play in […]

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Holocaust Triptych

In an obscure (to me) blog by someone who signs Karl Radl I found these very interesting and well-written articles about the Holocaust, which I think go well together as a kind of Holocaust triptych. The first, called Holocaust Survivor Stories, frames the other two and speaks for itself so I will not comment on […]

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Pope Francis — ‘Interfaith’ to the Hilt

Pope Francis has taken his ‘interfaith’ campaign to a new level — one could call it religious miscegenation — with his recent statements that lead credence to the widespread suspicions that he is embarked on a mission to judeaize the Vatican and indeed the Catholic dogma. In an exclusive interview withe Barcelona daily La Vanguardia, […]

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Putin’s Strategy

There are a lot of jokes and cartoons (especially in The Ugly Truth, from which the examples below are taken) showing Putin playing chess like a Grand Master with Obama and the rest of the members of the Axis of Atrocities (AA), and his supporters talk about his clever “gambits,” or he is shown playing […]

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Romania, Jostling at the Truck Stop

Canada Deploys Six Figher Jets to Romania [A Romanian friend recently described to me Romania’s attitude to the US/NATO as that of a whore hanging around a truck stop, jostling to jump on the first truck before it has even fully stopped, trying to cut in front of her competitors. Romania has three US military […]

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Who Chose the Chosen People?

Who Chose the Chosen People? asks this video. They chose themselves. And now they choose for us. And our leaders, whom they chose for us, give them standing ovations.

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Their Finest (2017)

Their Finest (2017) Full Movie Online Watch Free , English Subtitles Full HD, Free Movies Streaming , Free Latest Films. Quality : HD Title : Their Finest. Director : Lone Scherfig Release : March 24, 2017 Language : en. Runtime : 117 min Genre : Romance, War, Comedy, Drama. Synopsis : ‘Their Finest’ is a […]

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Israel and Its Killing Game in Theory and Practice

In the article below, Jeff Gates makes the case that no matter how criminal and irrational seeming his behaviors are, the criminal (in this case Israel) can be not only fully rational but a consummate strategist and tactician, dedicated to to manipulating his “marks” to get them to accept, submit to, and even aid and […]

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Happy Valentine’s and L’chaim!

Valentine’s Day: Examining the Jewish Influences on ‘Casablanca’ [A “Happy Valentine!” offering from the Algemeiner, originally proudly published by Robert Gluck in the Jewish National Service Org., which made it kosher for Algemainer to dare to feature. As every year, the movie will be a rerun on/around Valentine’s Day on American television.  It may make […]

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Usury and Christianity

How Monks and Monasteries Saved Civilization and Killed Usury …by Jonas E. Alexis Christ and the money changers In the first century, Christ cast the moneylenders out of the Temple, but they gradually arose again during the thirteenth century, which created economic panic among the peasants. For example, the French town of Villefrance wrote to […]

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Israel’s Geography Doubletalk

The Map That Doesn’t Exist by Gordon Duff and PressTV The Real Map of Israel/Palestine Editor’s note:  Since this article was published on Press TV, Google has emptied their files of dozens of articles and maps that clearly outline the basis for settlement, the map above, one that has become, in itself, “an endangered species.” – […]

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