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Exhibitionists, A Persecuted Minority

A recent media report about a mob (mostly women)  viciously attacking a male exhibitionist on a bus in Turkey made me realize that exhibitionists (also called flashers) are still a persecuted minority, not only in backward Muslim countries but in the Western world as well. The homosexuals and lesbians have been liberated from oppression in civilized […]

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“Good Jew” Fatigue

I have “good Jew” fatigue, exacerbated by overexposure to ‘As a Jew, I condemn what Israel is doing in Gaza’ public statements being made by a larger than usual number of Good Jews. It is true that this massacre was larger than usual and its intent more openly articulated by Israel, and also that the […]

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The WHO Must Quarantine Israel

The World Health Organization (WHO) must stop the Israeli Pandemic Watch these two videos first. Now read this Palestinian testimonial and description of a dialog with an anti-zionist zionist Israeli [emphasis added]: ‘And now, as Israel slaughters and slaughters the nation’s sons and daughters, there is a new degree of shock. All of the sleazy […]

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Are the Israelis A Race?

The idea that the Israelis are a race has been indirectly suggested by some before, not by ethnologists but by the likes of esteemed scholars and human rights activists like Abe Foxman of ADL. Now it has been articulated in reaction to George Galloway’s anti-Israeli statements — see videos below — for which he has […]

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The Iron Dome Hoax

This video, “Iron Dome Fake – A Massive Hoax – Missiles Blowing Up in the Air” was posted on Deliberation in a comment by fmo, with the  description below. Although many read the comments on Deliberation, I feel that this video deserves the visibility of a full post. by fmo This is a recently(13.7.14) uploaded […]

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Ukraine Inducted into the Genocide Cult

While the Gaza genocide is still unfolding, with Netanyahu warning the US, its arms supplier, not to ‘second guess him again (or else? ), another genocide is being calmly proposed on Ukrainian television. Is it an uncanny coincidence that the unconditional supporters of Israel in the US are the same who supported, in fact organized, the […]

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Israelis Love to Kill

Poll: Overwhelming Support for IDF Operation, Netanyahu, reports Arutz Sheva This is how they picture the IDF in Gaza They shrug off or even applaud, or bring chairs to make themselves comfortable while watching and enjoying this spectacle or this or this More than 1,200 Palestinians killed, the overwhelming majority unarmed civilians, women, children, elderly. Two […]

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A Wish-List for the Brave Palestinians

Stuart Littlewood’s list does not contain a single item that is not a legitimate demand in conformity with international laws, US laws, UN resolutions, the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, or Christian ethics to which the Western leaders, including the hierarchy of clergy, pay lip service. It is a measure of the debasement of our […]

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Mario Varga Llosa — Latin Shabbat Goy of the Week

Vargas Llosa: “The total Anachronism of Venezuela is Saddening“ Mario Vargas Llosa, Peruvian writer of distinction (Nobel Prize winner) expressed his distress at the “anachronism” of Venezuela and its difficult situation that started, according to him, 15 years ago (e.g., with Chavez). He decried the “totalitarianism” that, according to him, has pushed Venezuela back to […]

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Confused by Contradictions

This is the most lucid, coherent and clearly elucidated confusion one can come across over the NWO’s actions in the world and their Orwellian presentation. I’m Confused. Can Anyone Help Me? by Neil Clark I’m confused. A few weeks ago we were told in the West that people occupying government buildings in Ukraine was a […]

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Hate and Herem in US Universities

Hate and anti-semitism (in the true, uncorrupted sense of the word) are hallmarks of the Jewish identity, but the Jewish perpetrators of hate acts, harassment and persecution accuse others of committing them, just as they claim victimhood in Israel while victimizing the entire Palestinian nation and threatening and attacking their neighbors. Herem — the ruthless […]

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She Died for Palestine

Rachel Corrie’s name is unknown to American schoolchildren (and even to most of their parents), and this brave and deeply humanistic young girl has only one statue honoring her sacrifice, but in Lebanon, not in the US. In Palestine, if such a monument were to be installed, it would be torn down by the same […]

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Bobby Fischer: The Unbearably Cruel Light of Genius

) ) ) Bobby Fischer described the Jews as the epitome of evil, worse than the other evil he railed against — the European colonists who massacred the Native Americans. He thought Israel should be dismantled and the Palestinian nation restored. He believed that organized Jewry conspires to rule the world and controls the governments […]

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Israel: “Maximum Land with Minimum Arabs”

Israeli Ethnic Cleansing February 14th, 2014 by Stephen Lendman It’s longstanding state policy. It’s what former Israeli politician Yigal Allon called maximum land with minimum Arabs. It’s dispossessing them for Jewish exclusivity. It’s doing it extrajudicially. It’s doing it without compromise. It’s claiming all land Israel wants belongs exclusively to Jews. Palestinian rights don’t matter. […]

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Maligned Mercenaries in Syria Are Businessmen

Reports say Syria militants traffic in organs Remember how maligned the mercenaries — no, let’s call them opposition forces– were with allegations that they eat human organs? As it turns out they are in fact enterprising businessmen who provide much needed transplant organs in the spirit of free enterprise. The hub of operations appears to […]

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Dieudonée Speaks for France

Accused of “anti-semitism” and “incitement to racial hatred” because of his scathing sketches criticizing Israel, the bullying tactics of CRIF (the French equivalent of AIPAC), and the legally enforced political correctness in France that has made any less-than-worshipful reference to “Shoa” punishable by prison, and satirizing the very concept of the primacy of Jewish suffering, […]

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Feminism –The Jewish Gift to American Women

The women’s “lib” movement of the 60s was not so much about equal rights that no rational person would dispute — equal opportunities, equal pay for equal work and no irrational gender-based discrimination — but rather about conditioning women to believe that the man was the implacable enemy. The movement was a Jews-only campaign and, […]

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The French Palestinian Solidarity Deserves a Quenelle

France is the middle of a sweeping popular movement sparked by Dieudonné and symbolized by la Quennelle, a movement that has united young and old, white and black, men and women, the middle class and the unemployed, extreme Left, center and Right, many Muslims, Christians and even a couple of Jews. It is an anti-establishment revolt […]

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