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It’s Sweden, But Not for Long

goose canada  canada goose   It’s Sweden, but not for long. According to Barbara Specter, under the leadership of the Jews, old Europe must be remade to be multicultural and diverse. The best way to do it appears to be by the shock therapy of a tsunami of refugees directed by the Masters of the Western Universe […]

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88 Media Companies Hanging on the Wall…

[Ed. Note: Maybe the “consolidation” stops here. After all, 6 is number they go bonkers about in their demented mumbo-jumbo, isn’t it?] There Were 88 Media Companies… Now There Are 6 — All Get Their News from Rothschild [Would even Mrs Rothschild buy a used car from her son, pictured here?] by Jeff Rense These […]

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Watch Logan (2017) Full Movie Online Streaming & Download

Quality: HDTitle : LoganDirector : James Mangold.Release : 2017-02-28Language : English,EspanolRuntime : 135 min.Genre : Action, Drama, Science Fiction.Synopsis : What happens when our superheroes get old? It’s essentially something that never happens in our movies, where our heroes are always virile and robust, and if they get a little long in the tooth, we […]

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Watch Full Movie Online And Download The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014)

Watch Full Movie The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014), Free Download Full Movie The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) Online , The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014) English Subtitles , Free Streaming Movie The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (2014). Watch movie online The […]

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“Community” — What’s in a Word?

“Community,” an earstwhile innocuous word broadly denoting a group of people living in close proximity and sharing some common interests and values is now a politically-charged cultural marxist term. It denotes a political entity in the model established by Jewish activism, specifically, a false, fragmentary identity of individuals who: — Have only one common characteristic, […]

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A New Bipolar World: Zionism/Anti-Zionism?

Towards a New Bipolar World: Zionism/Anti-zionism? [Ed. Note: In this article Alain Soral’s editorial team at Egalité et Reconciliation argue that we are entering a new bipolar world that replaces the old capitalism against communism. It is not West versus East, it is not the much peddled “clash of civilizations.” It is zionism versus anti-zionism. […]

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Hollywoodism and Its Missionaries

Hollywoodism Its Missionaries Jon Voight his seemingly tireless support for Israel and the Jewish people — even while he remains a lifelong Catholic — as well as his ubiquitous presence on the annual “To Life” Chabad telethon, which he will again co-host when the show, now in its 33rd year, airs on LA 18 (KCSI-TV), […]

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Streaming Vodlocker[HD] Beauty and the Beast (2017) English Subtitle

Beauty and the Beast (2017) English Subtitles Full HD, Full Movie Online Watch Free, Free Movies Streaming , Free Latest Films. Beauty and the Beast (2017) HD [1080p] Director : Bill Condon Release : March 16, 2017 Production Company : Mandeville Films, Walt Disney Pictures Language : en Runtime : 129 min. Genre : Fantasy, […]

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RIP Anthony Lawson

In memory of Anthony Lawson, tireless champion of justice and truth, a beautiful tribute from his son.

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Spitting on Other People’s Prophets Is Not a Western Value

Spitting On Other People’s Prophets Is Not A Western Value By Gilad Atzmon In a BBC interview following the Charlie Hebdo Massacre, Jewish Chronicle writer David Aaronovitch advised those who do not approve of ‘freedom of speech’ to ‘move to Pakistan.’ It is not surprising to find a Zionist Jew advocating voluntary cleansing; after all, […]

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66,516,416 People in France Don’t Count

The population of France is given by wikipedia as 66,616,416 inhabitants. The Prime Minister, Manuel Valls — the same one who told a Jewish audience by way of assuring them of his allegiance that through his (Jewish) wife he is “eternally tied to Israel”– has made another startling statement. In response to the French Jewery […]

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We Live in Interesting Times

“May you live in interesting times,” says Wikipedia, “is an English expression purporting to be a translation of a traditional Chinese curse. Despite being so common in English as to be known as “the Chinese curse”, the saying is apocryphal and no actual Chinese source has ever been produced.” Irrespective of its origins, this curse […]

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Domination Strategies of the Anglo-Zionist Empire

The psychopathic quest for total world domination by what some (e.g., the Saker) call “the Anglo-Zionist Empire” and many others “the American Empire,” involves establishing global hegemony by any means: endless wars and coups d’etat, economic warfare (ruinous trade pacts, blockades and sanctions), financial terrorism (debt enslavement, currency manipulation),  or threats thereof. The Anglo-Zionist campaign for […]

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Ukraine — Safe Haven for Organ Traffickers

Ukraine has become a safe haven for human organs traffickers by Alexander Donetsky [Excerpted] Numerous reports on systematic destruction of populated areas in the Donbass and Luhansk regions by Ukrainian military have been becoming public domain. The evidence has been plentiful: photos, videos, international observers and journalists’ reports. Neither the United States nor Europe have […]

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What Russia and Crimea Need

A little ultra-orthodox Judaism goes a long way. Literally… I find it interesting that they call ‘tanks’ the vans they use to spread a bit of Lubavitcher light and cheer in the vast land they once owned and then lost. Such warriors and menschen those rabbis driving the ‘mitzvah tanks’ through the steppe! Mitzvah tanks’ […]

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Ukraine Inducted into the Genocide Cult

While the Gaza genocide is still unfolding, with Netanyahu warning the US, its arms supplier, not to ‘second guess him again (or else? ), another genocide is being calmly proposed on Ukrainian television. Is it an uncanny coincidence that the unconditional supporters of Israel in the US are the same who supported, in fact organized, the […]

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Israel: Palestinian Civilians Deserve Being Massacred

Israel Speaks:  “We Purposefully Attack Civilians… Because They Deserve It” By Steve Chovanec In a video recording dated in 2012, Netanyahu can be seen speaking to what presumably are family members, women and children, completely unawares to the fact that his remarks are being recorded the entire time. Netanyahu explains that, “The main thing, first […]

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A Decent Man

Cristopher Gunness, a UNRWA official, is a decent man. That is why he will not be interviewed on CNN or BBC. Here he is trying to report on the Israeli bombing of the UN school in Gaza that killed 16 and wounded more than 100, and not managing. There is no commonality, none, between him […]

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Jewish Mastermind of Odessa Massacre — A Jewish Problem

Mastermind of Odessa Massacre Embarrasses Ukraine’s Jews EDITOR’S CHOICE | 26.05.2014 Tapped phone conversation: “Bennie’s [Kolomoisky’s nickname] affairs are Bennie’s affairs. He can do whatever he wants to do, even if he believes himself to be the Second Coming of Hitler … [but] we need to distance ourselves from that, immediately and publicly.” A tapped […]

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Science Off Its Hinges

Human-Animal Hybrids, Disasters in the Making [Those who think science should be the pursuit of knowledge, opening (and yes, on occasion also closing) the pathway to experimentation, rotating, as it were, on hinges of reverential respect for nature, if not a higher spiritual order, and humanity, and guided by prudence and far-sighteness will be horrified to […]

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