The Kosher Ripoff of the American People

The Jewish Chronicle reports with pride that the business of stamping food “kosher” in the US has recorded a profit of approximately $1.8 million. That represents reported profit alone, not income, which implies that in addition to that it has sucked in from food manufacturers and distributors an undisclosed amount in “expenses,” primarily salaries of the army of “inspectors,” who are actually the bagmen of the organized kosher stamp racket.

Actually the food manufacturers and distributors paying this para-governmental tax on their products only pass it on to the consumers. Therefore what the kosher certification represents is a grand scale ripoff of the American people, who a long time ago revolted because of a tax on tea….

In a style reminiscent of the Mafia protection racket, the American branch of the United Synagogue Kashrut Department demands that food manufacturers/distributors have their large consumption products certified as kosher.

Why do Americans need kosher-proofed  food? Not only do they not need it, most do not even have a clue of the existence of this private tax on their food. In fact most of the “twopercenters,” consumers of cheeseburgers and shrimp do not need it either but they keep mum about this tax imposed upon the whole nation for the profit of the international kosher racket. Companies, which pass the cost to consumers, know better than to complain or refuse, from giants like Coca Cola to smaller organic produce wholesalers.

Americans are brain-washed to believe the kosher foods are better for everybody because they are of higher quality and because Jews “answer to a ‘higher authority’:

There are more than 80 kosher symbols in the United States. Each represents a kosher certification organization that checks food manufacturers to ensure they follow halachic requirement, then sends a letter of certification.

Here are only a few examples:
• The symbol for the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations, or O/U, is a capital U inside a circle. The O/U certifies more than 500,000 products throughout the world—including Coca-Cola, Cargill and Procter & Gamble, making it the most recognizable kosher symbol in the world.
• The symbol for Star-K Certification and Quality Assurance International is a capital K inside a five-point star. Due to the growing international demand for both kosher and organic food, they say, meaning, due to this growing market recognized potential for ripoff, Star-K certifies that food is both kosher and organic.
• In addition to symbols, there are other Kashrus (Jewish dietary laws) designations:
D: Dairy: DE: Dairy Equipment (does not contain dairy but still cannot be eaten with meat);
P: Passover (meets kosher standards year-round, including for Passover): Pareve: Non-dairy and non-meat: Chalav Yisrael: Contains kosher-supervised milk.

The organized kosher racket is so huge it now extends beyond food. The organization aptly called Kosher Supervision of America — the American branch of the international extortion racket — proudly describes itself thus:
Kosher Supervision of America is a not-for-profit Kashrus certification agency recognized by rabbinical associations throughout the world. KSA is the largest, recognized and accepted, Orthodox kosher certification agency based in the western United States. We enjoy the support and cooperation of thousands of synagogues and rabbis representing hundreds of thousands of kosher consumers.

Servicing hotel chains, supermarket chains, food manufacturers, food packers & distributors, restaurants, caterers, independent grocers and bakeries, the KSA symbol can be found on grocery store shelves across the nation and around the world.

Given this glimpse of the extent of the shakedown we may take with a grain of salt the modestly reported profit in the Jewish Chronicle article below. In fact the estimates of the ripoff  are on an altogether different scale:

In 1960 there were only 225 companies paying the kosher food tax. This jumped to 475 in 1966 and 800 by 1975. Jewish promoters of kosher labeling say there now has been a “kosher food explosion” today with over 16,000 products now paying rabbinical organizations for their “stamp of kosher approval.” Kosher products retail sales today amount to $30 billion a year according to “The Chicago Jewish Sentinel” of July 7, 1988.

Note: In the year 2000, this is now a trillion dollar racketeering scheme, in which ever nation on Earth pays the KOSHER TAX.

Orthodox Jewish organizations have copyrighted certain symbols which only they can use. The giant in the business is “The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations” which issues the “U” imprint. They service some 1,200 companies or about 80% of the business. They employ nearly 600 rabbis as part-time “checkers.” This is twice as many as ten years ago. The next largest is Rabbi Bernard Levy’s “Committee For The Furtherance of Torah Observance” which uses the “K” symbol.

Canadian Kosher products are stamped with the letters “COR” which stands for “Council of Orthodox Rabbis”. This is a front group for the powerful Canadian Jewish Congress, which actually receives all the money from this tax. The Jews in Canada are so united they do not allow any competition which is not the case in the U.S. Here a number of Orthodox rabbis have split away from the major groups to go into the kosher racket for themselves. (Why split easy money with the higher ups?) Note: This is not just a problem in the UnitedStates and Canada. All nations with an Orthodox Jewish population are being extorted this way. .. Due to NAFTA, Mexico is flooded with this problem. 100 Million Mexicans, mostly Catholic, have to pay tribute to Jews in this manner.”

Food for Thought: US Makes £1.2m on Kashrut

The United Synagogue’s kashrut department has helped to boost the organisation’s coffers by recording a significantly higher than expected surplus last year.

Its profit of nearly £1.2 million in 2012 was close to £400,000 more than had been budgeted for, US council members heard on Monday.

Richard Taylor, the new US operations and finance director, said the kashrut department was “signing up many more factories across the world” for supervising products.

Overall, the US managed to increase its reserves from £72 million to £75 million last year — most of which is vested in synagogue buildings and other properties.

US president Stephen Pack said the accounts were in a “sound state” and represented a “huge turnaround” from 15 years ago when banks were “itchy” about the level of borrowings.

Alan Taylor, head of the audit committee, which scrutinises spending, found “no serious problem that worries me when I go to bed”.

But he was concerned that 26 of the 43 US constituent synagogues operated at a combined deficit of £500,000 last year — with some big communities running a deficit of up to £80,000.

A “very high number” of deficit synagogues were declining communities, Mr Pack explained. “We think we have an obligation in the US for the larger and better off communities to support some of the smaller and less well off communities, some of which are coming to the end of their days.”

While the US has built up its reserves, it has some bills ahead — loans of £2.85 million on the Chief Rabbi’s current Hamilton Terrace residence are due to be repaid before the end of next year.

Mr Pack also appealed to synagogues to send the full complement of representatives to the Board of Deputies to which they were entitled. “If we want to have a say in the Board of Deputies, then we need to punch our weight,” he said.

The US is planning to hold regular meetings of deputies who represent its synagogues.
Mr Pack also reported having “a very good meeting with my colleagues in the Federation and Spanish and Portuguese -— and in due course we may well include those [deputies] as well.”


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  1. Ariadna Theokopoulos July 15, 2013 at 12:26 pm #

    JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel criticized on Monday the extension of Poland’s ban on kosher meat production, saying it damaged efforts to rehabilitate Jewish life in a country whose large Jewish community was all but wiped out in the Holocaust.

    Citing animal cruelty, Warsaw lawmakers on Friday rejected a government-backed bill that would have allowed slaughterhouses to produce meat in accordance with Jewish ritual law. The practice was halted last year by a constitutional court ruling.

    Israel’s Foreign Ministry said it was disappointed by the parliamentary vote, which it called “totally unacceptable”.

    “Poland’s history is intertwined with the history of the Jewish people. This decision seriously harms the process of restoring Jewish life in Poland,” it said in a statement.

    “We call on the parliament to reassess its decision and expect the relevant authorities to find the way to prevent a crude blow to the religious tradition of the Jewish people.”

    The Holocaust almost eliminated Poland’s Jewish community, Europe’s biggest before World War Two broke out in 1939. Nazi concentration camps including Auschwitz and Treblinka were located on Polish soil.

    Some Polish Jewish groups have also said prejudice about their faith played a part in the anti-kosher measures.

    Usually, slaughterhouses stun livestock before killing them, while kosher rites demand an animal is killed by slitting its throat while it is alive and bleeding it to death. The halal meat consumed by observant Muslims is killed in a similar way.

    The bill’s defeat was a setback for Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who has sought to strengthen ties with Israel.

  2. fmo July 16, 2013 at 10:51 pm #

    A lawsuit was filed last year against Hebrew National Hot Dogs by “fans” who claimed the food was not kosher.
    In the interests of balance, let’s see what New York kosher hot-dog dodging Deli owner Jake Dell has to say on the matter;
    “Being Kosher is very tough. You have to worry about the way you prepare the food. Where you get the food from, the way you prepare it. You know, definitions change over time, and er unfortunately, what it means to be kosher, what it means to be Glatt kosher or kosher style, just constantly changes, er, over time”
    “If the hindquarters of kosher mammals are to be eaten by Jews, they must be porged [4][5] in accordance with a strict procedure – stripped of veins, chelev (caul fat and suet) and sinews.[6] Because of the expense of porging and the skill required to properly separate out the forbidden parts, a large portion of the meat of kosher mammals slaughtered through shechita in the United States winds up on the non-kosher market.”
    The chicken schechiting Yadidya Greenberg,offers this 5min insight into the giblet mind of a serial shochet;
    “Judaism teaches that animals are part of God’s creation and should be treated with compassion. Human beings must avoid tzar baalei chayim – causing pain to any living creature. God himself makes a covenant with the animals, just as he does with humanity.
    The Talmud specifically instructs Jews not to cause pain to animals, and there are also several Bible stories which use kindness to animals as a demonstration of the virtues of leading Jewish figures.”
    Let’s check the graphic evidence;
    and the Kaparot ritual in Brooklyn, NY;
    (sick bastards 🙁 )

    • Ariadna Theokopoulos July 17, 2013 at 1:46 am #

      Wow, fmo… thanks for the material. I could not bring myself to “check the evidence,” just because I want to be able to sleep tonight…

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