Lies, Fake News and War Mongering

The MSM is now 24/7 in the business of publishing lies, fake news and actively war mongering, having converting itself into an arm of the intelligence agencies, in the US primarily of the CIA. The lies are also passed as a hand-me-down, as seen in the reporting on 9/11, to BBC.

What continues to amaze is the flat learning curve of these operators who not only make he same mistakes over and over but use the same material to make them, as can be seen in this video. It appears that exposure never deters them.
CNN is caught time and again in blatant lies, pushing staged videos that purport to incriminate Syria’s Assad, but BBC is not taking a backseat to it, which must be even more galling to the Brits who are paying a licencing fee to maintain it in the lying style it has become accustomed to.
The “activists” portrayed in the staged videos and quoted in the fake news are in fact either actors or agents of disinformation.


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