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88 Media Companies Hanging on the Wall…

[Ed. Note: Maybe the “consolidation” stops here. After all, 6 is number they go bonkers about in their demented mumbo-jumbo, isn’t it?] There Were 88 Media Companies… Now There Are 6 — All Get Their News from Rothschild [Would even Mrs Rothschild buy a used car from her son, pictured here?] by Jeff Rense These […]

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If God Is Dead

[Ed. Note: A thought-provoking article, interesting for what it says and equally for what it doesn’t. Christianity and Islam hold out the promise of eternal life, it says. How about the other of the three major religions? It doesn’t say, but we know it holds the promise of limitless lucre in this world with no moral […]

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The Einstein Myth

Fascinating revision of the history of science related to the myth of Einstein, the alleged genius and independent discoverer of the theory of relativity, and the marketing campaign to present him as such to the world. Also, Einstein’s politics, specifically his ardent zionism, is a topic explored in this full Beauty and the Beast […]

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Robot Admires Hitler, Hates Jews

[Ariadna: Hell of a story. Shows you the limits of artificial intelligence, doesn’t it? You feed a robot all the data — history, facts, figures — and, instead of a pleasing answer, it is apt to produce twits that give the Western MSM  heart attacks, which is why you’re not likely to see this widely […]

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JewSpeak Advises against the Word “Zionism”

  [Ed. Note: JewSpeak will block the word “Zionism” when addressing Goy audiences in France, at least for the duration, that is, until the Goyim will be re-educated to forget their ignorant aversion to it. Say what you will, American Jews are miles ahead of their European brethren when it comes to finessing the spiel […]

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Dismantling French Culture to Make It Jew Friendly

Le Corbusier Methodically remaking the history of French culture in all domains to make it Jew friendly, the Jewish Inquisition has made its way to architecture. Le Corbusier, a giant in the history of modern architecture has just had his kosher auto-da-fé.  The Business Insider says his legacy is “threatened”: “Le Corbusier — the Swiss-French […]

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Uruguay’s Judaization

Uruguay’s Judaization –First published in The Ugly Truth] [Ed. Prefatory Notes: Uruguay’s judaization is proceeding apace. No country is too small, too far away, or too insignificant for geo-strategic purposes to fall outside the scope of global Jewish encroachment. Uruguay is no exception. It started with an avalanche of American and European movies dealing with the […]

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Bernie Sanders, a Jewish Bet

A slightly modified version of this post appeared in The Ugly Truth. [Ed. Note: Las Vegas was invented by Jews and the gaming industry in the US is largely owned and controlled by Jews so they know a thing or two about betting. Safe betting, of course. In the high-stakes game in which the winner-take-all pot […]

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“Community” — What’s in a Word?

“Community,” an earstwhile innocuous word broadly denoting a group of people living in close proximity and sharing some common interests and values is now a politically-charged cultural marxist term. It denotes a political entity in the model established by Jewish activism, specifically, a false, fragmentary identity of individuals who: — Have only one common characteristic, […]

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Nuclear War Has Begun

Nuclear war has begun with the second wave of neutron bombs dropped by Israeli F16 in Yemen. Yet the Western world knows nothing about it unless they read the Russian media?!? Why isn’t the UN Security Council calling for an extraordinary session to deal with this heinous Saudi/Israeli unprovoked nuclear attack on Yemen? Nuclear Strike Hits […]

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What’s Wrong with RT?

What’s wrong with RT? It used to be a source of information on current events we trusted more than our media. It has been accused of being  the official propaganda machine of the Russian Federation, and more directly Kremlin’s, aka Putin’s voice. If so, one expects a certain amount of tilting the balance in favor […]

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May 9, “The Good War” Victory Day

It is ridiculous for Obama to snub the Russians by refusing to attend the May 9 celebration of Victory Day in Moscow and pathetic for the vassals of the US (e.g., Merkel, Cameron et al.) to fall in line by following suit. The attempt by the West to rewrite history by pretending the Soviet Union […]

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Dieudonné against “Manu The Shakes” et al

p This is a video produced by Dieudonné earlier in the year. A portion of it is devoted to announcing future engagements because, as he explains, barred from promoting his shows — the few that Manuel Valls’ administration (aka LICRA, CRIF and B’Nai Brith) failed to ban — he can only rely on the internet […]

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Global Telecommunications Hijacked with an Atari and a 56K connection

Incredible : He highjacks a Chain of Global Telecommunications with Just an Atari and a 56 K Connection  After the successful feat of making three colossal towers of reinforced concrete and steel crumble by highjacking three commercial aircrafts with nothing but boxcutters on 9/11 2001, the obscure islamo-bamboulas have struck again. In fact, the TV5 Monde channel has been the target of a […]

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Hollywoodism and Its Missionaries

Hollywoodism Its Missionaries Jon Voight his seemingly tireless support for Israel and the Jewish people — even while he remains a lifelong Catholic — as well as his ubiquitous presence on the annual “To Life” Chabad telethon, which he will again co-host when the show, now in its 33rd year, airs on LA 18 (KCSI-TV), […]

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W A T C H Sleepless (2017) Online Free Putlocker

Sleepless (2017) Full Movie Online Watch Free , English Subtitles Full HD, Free Movies Streaming , Free Latest Films. Sleepless (2017) HD [1080p] Director : Baran bo Odar Release : January 12, 2017 Production Company : FilmNation Entertainment, Vertigo Entertainment, Riverstone Pictures, Open Road Films (II) Language : en Runtime : 95 min. Genre : […]

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Putin: First Dead Then a Dad

First Dead The lying machine in the Western world also known as the MSM went into a demential orgy of wishful speculations about Putin’s “disappearance.” The fact that Putin has not appeared in public for a week, cancelled a few appointments and has not been photographed playing golf anywhere (a presidential activity that reassures the […]

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The Darkest View of All

If you think of yourself as a pessimist, read John Kaminsky’s analysis of the world’s current state and his predictions for the future and you may realize you are a frolicking care-fee optimist by comparison. The darkest view of all, the picture painted by Kaminsky contains all the fears all of us have, and some […]

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Rita Katz Deserved an Oscar Nomination

If the Academy of Motion Pictures allowed write-in votes for Oscar nominations I like to believe that Rita Katz would have been walking the red carpet this year, a shoe-in in the Video category. Her company, SITE, has made numerous and valuable contributions to the War on Terror. Rita has been castigated and derided by her […]

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ISIS™ and Hollywood

All those critics of the ISIS beheading videos would have been less disdainful of the artistic quality of Rita Katz’ releases if they had known that the videos were actually produced by professionals known worldwide for their expertise and artistry. Or maybe even more critical and exigent? Thanks to Greg Bacon for this find: Hollywood […]

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