The Memoirs of St. John

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Part two in the Memoirs of Saint John series, the novel continues the story of John the disciple of Jesus, his marriage to Mary Magdalene, and their life together in the years immediately after the crucifixion of Jesus. The book is currently available only as an e-book. Retail price is $3.99, but for this month only you can get it at Smashwords for just $2.00. Click here to see the book listed on Smashwords. When you click the “buy” button, type in the coupon code: DW49B”

It is an entrancing book: a thoughtful and imaginative novel that transports you to the times and places where St. John lived and preached Jesus’ teachings, skillfully crafted with the suspense of a thriller. The novel transmits to the reader a double sense of immediacy. On the one hand it gives you the feeling of being a participant in those events, of being present and experiencing it with all senses: seeing the colors and smelling the aromas of the bazars, hearing the poetry, feeling the anguish of the pwersecuted Christians. On the other, there is the inescapable parallel between the perils and problems of those times and ours, between the behaviors of the forces rallied against Christianity then and against Christianity and Islam nowadays. Much food for thought. I highly recommend it.


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