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Feminism — The Jewish Gift to American Women

[Note: This is an article I wrote more than three years ago and published in a couple of venues. It is even more important to remember the history of feminism today.  Feminism has spread like a fungus in all the countries under Anglo-zionist influence, including South America. There are women marches in South America now demanding that […]

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Philanthropy That Kills

[Ed. Note: Geopolitics practiced by bio-warfare under the guise of philanthropy should be categorized as a crime against humanity. The agents are the very same elite operators who aim to install the New World Order. A useful context to this crime is provided by rehmat: “In 2014 several Indian doctors filed a lawsuit against against Gates philanthropy […]

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Children at Risk

Children at risk in the Western world is a heart-breaking topic. I found this video on Lasha Darkmoon’s site, under an article that details an interview with a self-confessed pedophile. The video needs no additional commentary.

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On Midgets

Tossing Midgets and Other Fun Games of the Elite What do you do for fun when you are 31 and have far more money than brains and not an ounce of human decency? Here’s an idea: Rent a posh, grand mansion in the Hamptons — the Jewish vacation spot and preferred second home for well-heeled […]

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Germany: Sanity Breaks out

Sanity breaks out in Germany with the new Alternative for Germany party fighting against the insane absurdities of a cultural marxism gone berserk.  Under the leadership of the likes of open and avowed pedophile Cohn-Bendi (who boasts of preying upon kindergarteners), the Green Party is trying to impose invented “gender identities.” Daniel Cohn-Bendit –kindergarten prowler […]

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Bathrooms — A Hot Political Issue

Bathrooms are all of a sudden a hot political issue, specifically public bathrooms, due to pressure from the Jewish lobby and its satellites (LGBT, “progressive” activists, etc) to “accommodate” transgenders by providing them with separate bathrooms. Obama argues that “transgender children” (they must be in the millions) are currently bullied and need protection. How will their […]

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Exhibitionists, A Persecuted Minority

A recent media report about a mob (mostly women)  viciously attacking a male exhibitionist on a bus in Turkey made me realize that exhibitionists (also called flashers) are still a persecuted minority, not only in backward Muslim countries but in the Western world as well. The homosexuals and lesbians have been liberated from oppression in civilized […]

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If God Is Dead

[Ed. Note: A thought-provoking article, interesting for what it says and equally for what it doesn’t. Christianity and Islam hold out the promise of eternal life, it says. How about the other of the three major religions? It doesn’t say, but we know it holds the promise of limitless lucre in this world with no moral […]

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Rape Is Kosher, Rabbi Tells IDF

Israeli Rabbi: Israeli Soldiers Can Rape Palestinian Womenlive streaming film Nocturnal Animals “As in war the prohibition against risking your life is broken for the benefit of others, so are the prohibitions against immorality,” the rabbi said. In order not to weaken soldiers’ ability during war, they can do whatever they want including rape Jerusalem […]

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Money Is Money

America has always been all about money, much ballyhooed pretensions of “liberty” and “democracy” aside. It was, after, where El Dorado was supposed to be located. The girls in this video are the perfectly rendered final product of a process — long in the making — of stripping off morality and basic human decency from […]

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Most Accidents Happen in the Home

Most accidents happen in the home, they say: slipping in the bathtub, tripping on the carpet. The incredible accident that happened to a rich Saudi in Britain, however, has to be the most amazing ever. Even more amazingly, the jury believed him. One can’t help wondering how generous he was with them and with the […]

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Death Merchants Celebrate Mass Murder and Terrorism

[Death merchants gathered to compare their spreadsheets and celebrate their profits from enabling mass murder and terrorism around the world and especially in the ME.] Weapons Makers Caught on Tape Celebrating the Financial Benefits of ISIS and Syrian War By John Vibes Major defense contractors celebrate mass murder and terrorism, boasting that it is good […]

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Hug Me, I’M a Muslim

Thanks to Greg Bacon for posting this: [youtube] Blindfolded Muslim man with sign “Do you trust me?” hugs hundreds in Paris Near mourning sight at Place de la Republique an unknown man drew much attention by blindfolding himself and putting out two signs reading “I’m a Muslim, but I’m told that I’m a terrorist” […]

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Barbie the Brain Washer

‘”Barbie Hello” a.k.a Barbie the Brain Washer [Ed. Notes: The New (some pronounce it “Jew”) York Times does a mild critique of the newest version of Barbie — the interactive “Hello Barbie” doll. A better name would be Barbie the Brain Washer. It is the invention of idea man Oren Jacob and lead designer Aslan Appleman. (Nevertheless, […]

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Uruguayan Feminists Cite Obstacles to Abortion

“Uruguayan Feminist Organization Enraged by Major Obstacles to Abortin on Demand The weekly Busqueda appearing in Montevideo published a long article over the vociferous protests of the feminist organization MYSU (Mujeres y Salud en Uruguay/Women and Health in Uruguay) against the obstacles that persist three years after the law liberalizing abortions was passed. The most […]

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Massive Immigration to Europe’s “Camp of the Saints”

[Translator’s Note: The serious challenge faced by many European nations, not only those around the Mediterranean but as far north as Scandinavia, buffeted by successive and continuing waves of massive immigration from Africa and the war-torn ME, is a difficult and delicate subject. It is one that is often ignored, denied or approached from either the […]

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Your Enemy, Our Enemy

“Your enemy is Islam,” is what zionist propagandists like Pamela Geller tell Americans in an incessant Islamophobic campaign of hate packed with lies and more recently a cartoon contest meant to insult and provoke a response from the American Muslims. The mission of Jewish propagandists in the US, the sayanim who wish to ensure continued […]

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Israel — A Child Killing Machine

Picture Proof That Israel Deliberately Targets Palestinian Children for Execution Israel Directly Targeted Palestinian Children During the War on Gaza A report released last week by Defence for Children International – Palestine (DCI-Palestine) independently verified the deaths of 547 Palestinian children during the 2014 Gaza war, which concluded with a lasting ceasefire last August. At […]

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Israeli Torture and Sexual Abuse of Palestinian Children

40% of Palestinian Children Detained by Israel Are Sexually Abused; Virtually All Are Tortured [H/T Lasse] According to a new report by the independent, non-governmental, human rights organization the Palestinian Prisoners Club (PPC), at least 600 Palestinian children have been arrested in Jerusalem alone in the past five months. Of these, roughly 40% were sexually […]

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Putin: First Dead Then a Dad

First Dead The lying machine in the Western world also known as the MSM went into a demential orgy of wishful speculations about Putin’s “disappearance.” The fact that Putin has not appeared in public for a week, cancelled a few appointments and has not been photographed playing golf anywhere (a presidential activity that reassures the […]

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