Ordinary Americans Becoming “Radicalized”

[Ed: Ordinary Americans are becoming “radicalized.” That’s the good news. I am using the hasbara term “radicalized” in irony and turning it on its head. It is not that Americans turn into “home-grown terrorists” who want to join “ISIS” or bring sharia law (what, to replace the Noahide laws?!). More ordinary Americans are waking up to the systematic lies of USrael simply by disbelieving the huge 9/11 lie and deciding to question, probe and challenge.

Rebekah Roth is such an American. A former flight attendant, she used common sense and her own experience to poke holes in the official yarn of 9/11. Now, on her radio show she discusses the possibility of an upcoming false flag operation in Chicago, now Rahm Emanuel’s “toddling town.” A little 9/11 for the “Second City” maybe on May 1st? The video is well worth watching. H/T Richard Edmondson for the video.]

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=defJGYol4xA]


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