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Dishwasher Spying on the Sheeple

Petraeus: “We’ll Spy On You Through Your Dishwasher” “The American people are in a coma.” “Array Of Things” Launched – Enables Chicago To Spy On Entire City by Tyler Durden Chicago is launching a creepy new campaign to blanket the mega-city in more surveillance through its Array of Things, creating a network of (at least) […]

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Fascist Felines

There are two kinds of analysts of current world events: those who “connect the dots” of known events or observed trends, and those who identify trends in advance, before they have even sprouted dots to connect. I strive to be among the latter. Feline fascism is such an emerging trend. There has been an unusually […]

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Germany: Sanity Breaks out

Sanity breaks out in Germany with the new Alternative for Germany party fighting against the insane absurdities of a cultural marxism gone berserk.  Under the leadership of the likes of open and avowed pedophile Cohn-Bendi (who boasts of preying upon kindergarteners), the Green Party is trying to impose invented “gender identities.” Daniel Cohn-Bendit –kindergarten prowler […]

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Americans: A Conquered People, the New Serfs

[This is, in my view, an accurate, if incomplete picture of the status of the America people chained in serfdom by the 1% who own the country, them and their children, and indeed the Western world. It only focuses on the economic and geopolitical aspects of the “conquest,” which is fine and plenty. The moral […]

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88 Media Companies Hanging on the Wall…

[Ed. Note: Maybe the “consolidation” stops here. After all, 6 is number they go bonkers about in their demented mumbo-jumbo, isn’t it?] There Were 88 Media Companies… Now There Are 6 — All Get Their News from Rothschild [Would even Mrs Rothschild buy a used car from her son, pictured here?] by Jeff Rense These […]

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When Fiction Becomes Fact

When fiction becomes fact Our reality is based on manipulated events By John Kaminski I was reminded of the difference between what people believe happened and what actually happened the other day at the beach when I ran into a woman from Boston who was exploring the joys of the Florida shore near where I […]

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Political Correctness: Intolerance Disguised as Tolerance

Political correctness is language control. By Makia Freeman  And language control is thought control. Period. The rise of modern political correctness (PC) is a great example of the cunning way in which social engineers such as the New World Order manipulators operate. Political correctness is soft censorship. It is intolerance disguised as tolerance. As George […]

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Holocaust Denial: Romania’s New Dracula

“Holocaust denial,” i.e., rejecting or even doubting any portion of the what Arthur R. Butz amply documented to be “the hoax of the twentieth century, is banned in all Western European countries as well as in some of Rumsfeld’s “new Europe.” But banned twice? Only in Romania. It was first banned in 2002. The Jews […]

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Herve Ryssen, Recidivist of Thought Crimes

The Psychopathology of Judaism by Herve Ryssen [Ed. Note: Herve Ryssen, born in 1967, is an author and French nationalist. Wikipedia describes him as a “militant of the extreme right radical.”[sic] Ryssen has written several books on Judaism, including one on the Jewish Mafia. None have been translated into English and a few videos in […]

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No Cash in Banking Concentration Camps

«Gratuitous Democracy» or «Banking Concentration Camp» by Valentin KATASONOV   The news I’m talking about was reported by media in May. Not a big thing at first glance, certainly not a thing to hit radar screen. But the devil is in the details. Some interesting events took place in Scandinavia. The Danish government proposed exempting certain […]

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Your Enemy, Our Enemy

“Your enemy is Islam,” is what zionist propagandists like Pamela Geller tell Americans in an incessant Islamophobic campaign of hate packed with lies and more recently a cartoon contest meant to insult and provoke a response from the American Muslims. The mission of Jewish propagandists in the US, the sayanim who wish to ensure continued […]

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Jewish Scat Will Make Us Palestinian

UPDATE, May 6, 2015:  Finally, the 6-state military exercise scheduled in the US starting July 15th is being covered in the main stream media. Apparently there is a lot of discussion and concern on the internet that can no longer be ignored. Is it possible at all that these discussions may deter the exercise going […]

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Dieudonné against “Manu The Shakes” et al

p This is a video produced by Dieudonné earlier in the year. A portion of it is devoted to announcing future engagements because, as he explains, barred from promoting his shows — the few that Manuel Valls’ administration (aka LICRA, CRIF and B’Nai Brith) failed to ban — he can only rely on the internet […]

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The Darkest View of All

If you think of yourself as a pessimist, read John Kaminsky’s analysis of the world’s current state and his predictions for the future and you may realize you are a frolicking care-fee optimist by comparison. The darkest view of all, the picture painted by Kaminsky contains all the fears all of us have, and some […]

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Belated Holocaust Remembrance

Due to unforeseen circumstances (heavy rains and thunderstorms that tore my Santa Rita and hibiscus) I was unable to devote the time to properly observe the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. I offer this belated but sincere post now: the open letter of a Jewish French historian, Dr. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce, to Steven Spielberg. Wikipedia […]

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Internet Use, Longer Prison Sentence

Using the internet is an aggravating circumstance of the crime of “apology of terrorism” says Article 4 of the Law against Terrorism adopted by the National Assembly of France, which intensifies the repression against “apology of terrorism” and makes internet usage associated with such “apology” an aggravating circumstance leading to a harsher penal sentence. The deputies adopted […]

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Bernard-Henri Lévy Opens UN Special Session

Bernard-Henri Lévy Opens Special Session of the UN General Assembly on “anti-semitism.” A special plenary session of the UN General Assembly dedicated to the Growth of anti-semitism in the world was opened today (Thursday, January 22) by Bernard-Henri Lévy. Thirty-seven countries, of which the US, Canada, Australia and the member states of the European Union convoked this extraordinary session. […]

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Charlie Hebdo Déjà Vú

  Charlie Hebdo déjà vú… By Adrian Salbuchi After the dreadful terror attack perpetrated last week against the weekly “Charlie Hebdo” in Paris, global attention continues firmly centered on France. It was indeed a horrendous act and the West’s Media have whipped up a growing frenzy of anti-Muslim emotion and a desire for revenge in […]

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False Flag Frame-up — Help to Save An Innocent Man

Defense Excluding and Avoiding the Conclusive “Backpack” Evidence                             Listen to the impassioned plea on this video: Expose the Boston Marathon frame-up and save an innocent man’s life and completely expose organized crime false-flags In the following video link there is sufficient […]

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66,516,416 People in France Don’t Count

The population of France is given by wikipedia as 66,616,416 inhabitants. The Prime Minister, Manuel Valls — the same one who told a Jewish audience by way of assuring them of his allegiance that through his (Jewish) wife he is “eternally tied to Israel”– has made another startling statement. In response to the French Jewery […]

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