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National Security Agency to Be Diversified

[Ed. Note: National Security Advisor Susan Rice spoke convincingly about America’s need to have a National Security team that reflects not only America’s but the world’s diversity. Among her interesting recommendations was to have NSA members sport dreadlocks when they go to African countries so they can relate better with the locals. Most importantly, however, was her concern […]

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Exhibitionists, A Persecuted Minority

A recent media report about a mob (mostly women)  viciously attacking a male exhibitionist on a bus in Turkey made me realize that exhibitionists (also called flashers) are still a persecuted minority, not only in backward Muslim countries but in the Western world as well. The homosexuals and lesbians have been liberated from oppression in civilized […]

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When Fiction Becomes Fact

When fiction becomes fact Our reality is based on manipulated events By John Kaminski Roblox HackBigo Live Beans HackYUGIOH DUEL LINKS HACKPokemon Duel HackRoblox HackPixel Gun 3d HackGrowtopia HackClash Royale Hackmy cafe recipes stories hackMobile Legends HackMobile Strike Hack I was reminded of the difference between what people believe happened and what actually happened the […]

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Robot Admires Hitler, Hates Jews

[Ariadna: Hell of a story. Shows you the limits of artificial intelligence, doesn’t it? You feed a robot all the data — history, facts, figures — and, instead of a pleasing answer, it is apt to produce twits that give the Western MSM  heart attacks, which is why you’re not likely to see this widely […]

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Bernie Sanders, So Secular He Works on Sabbath

Bernie’s Religion Is the Revolution Bernie Sanders’ belief in Judaism and God may be in question, but his belief in the working class is undisputed At sundown this Friday, observant Jews at Charleston’s Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim, one of the first synagogues in America, will set aside their worldly chores to spend the Sabbath in […]

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Watch Full Movie Online And Download The Girl on the Train (2016)

Watch Full Movie The Girl on the Train (2016), Free Download Full Movie The Girl on the Train (2016) Online , The Girl on the Train (2016) English Subtitles , Free Streaming Movie The Girl on the Train (2016). Watch movie online The Girl on the Train (2016) Free Online Streaming and Download HD Quality […]

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Regime Change in Syria on Hold

by Scott Creightonwatch full movie The Boss Baby online President Obama’s 4-year-old regime change operation in Syria appears to be coming to a close with the “evil doer” Assad set to remain in power. That at least is the spin various MSM outlets (check here and here) are putting on the story. The headline from […]

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Watch Full Movie Online And Download The Promise (2017)

Watch Full Movie The Promise (2017), Free Download Full Movie The Promise (2017) Online , The Promise (2017) English Subtitles , Free Streaming Movie The Promise (2017). Watch movie online The Promise (2017) Free Online Streaming and Download HD Quality Quality: HDTitle : The PromiseRelease : 2017-04-21.Language : English.Runtime : 130 min.Genre : Romance, Drama.Stars […]

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The US – Spoiling for WWIII?

“Top Army General Calls Russia ‘#1 Threat’ to US         [Ed. Note: Is the US spoiling for a fight to death, possibly WWIII, with Russia? If not, they are making a frighteningly good imitation of it: unilaterally withdrawing from the ABM treaty, surrounding Russia with US and NATO military bases and carrying […]

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Israel Threatened with Annihilation Again

No other people, no single individual human being (except maybe for Rasputin) has survived so many murderous attempts at extermination as the Jews and Israel have.Due to the Western mainstream media’s diligence and accuracy in providing facts and only facts, the general public is well aware by bluehost优惠码 now of all these criminal actions, in […]

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JewSpeak Advises against the Word “Zionism”

  [Ed. Note: JewSpeak will block the word “Zionism” when addressing Goy audiences in France, at least for the duration, that is, until the Goyim will be re-educated to forget their ignorant aversion to it. Say what you will, American Jews are miles ahead of their European brethren when it comes to finessing the spiel […]

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Palestinian Suffering: The Gays

The real Palestinian suffering, arising from the oppression of gay Palestinians — a grave societal issue in the environment of Palestinian culture permeated by Islam — is hidden by anti-Israel propaganda, which focuses on various political issues, publicizing a plethora of images aimed at delegitimizing Israel, like these below, obviously taken out of context: This pro-Palestinian […]

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Dismantling French Culture to Make It Jew Friendly

Le Corbusier Methodically remaking the history of French culture in all domains to make it Jew friendly, the Jewish Inquisition has made its way to architecture. Le Corbusier, a giant in the history of modern architecture has just had his kosher auto-da-fé.  The Business Insider says his legacy is “threatened”: “Le Corbusier — the Swiss-French […]

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Uruguay’s Judaization

Uruguay’s Judaization –First published in The Ugly Truth] [Ed. Prefatory Notes: Uruguay’s judaization is proceeding apace. No country is too small, too far away, or too insignificant for geo-strategic purposes to fall outside the scope of global Jewish encroachment. Uruguay is no exception. It started with an avalanche of American and European movies dealing with the […]

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Bernie Sanders, a Jewish Bet

A slightly modified version of this post appeared in The Ugly Truth. [Ed. Note: Las Vegas was invented by Jews and the gaming industry in the US is largely owned and controlled by Jews so they know a thing or two about betting. Safe betting, of course. In the high-stakes game in which the winner-take-all pot […]

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Mavi Marmara, Take 2

Mavi Marmara, Take 2 Scott Creighton delivers the news of the Israeli announcement of their plan to attack the Gaza Freedom Flotilla 3 in international waters and kidnap all hands on deck, illegally transporting them by force to Israel. Will this replay of the Mavi Marmara attack be as bloody as the first or will the […]

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“Community” — What’s in a Word?

“Community,” an earstwhile innocuous word broadly denoting a group of people living in close proximity and sharing some common interests and values is now a politically-charged cultural marxist term. It denotes a political entity in the model established by Jewish activism, specifically, a false, fragmentary identity of individuals who: — Have only one common characteristic, […]

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Massive Immigration to Europe’s “Camp of the Saints”

[Translator’s Note: The serious challenge faced by many European nations, not only those around the Mediterranean but as far north as Scandinavia, buffeted by successive and continuing waves of massive immigration from Africa and the war-torn ME, is a difficult and delicate subject. It is one that is often ignored, denied or approached from either the […]

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The Jewish Inquisition in France

[Translator’s Note: The Jewish Inquisition’s punitive operations are unfolding more ferociously than ever in France against the ‘heretics’ who  (1) “deny the Shoa” by questioning its dogma (historians or intellectuals like Faurisson, Soral and others) or ridiculing it (Dieudonné); (2) speak about the predominant ethnicity of the global banking elite, thus “inciting hate”; (3) criticize […]

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Streaming Free Fire (2017) English Subtitle HD-1080p

Free Fire (2017) Full Movie Online Watch Free , English Subtitles Full HD, Free Movies Streaming , Free Latest Films. Quality : HD Title : Free Fire. Director : Ben Wheatley Release : March 31, 2017 Language : en. Runtime : 91 min Genre : Comedy, Drama, Crime, Action. Plot ‘Free Fire’ is good movie […]

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