Russia’s Blind Alley

Russia’s Blind Alley

I should state from the outset that I am a fan of Putin, not a fanatic fan, but a fan nonetheless, for the tremendous work he has been doing to steer Russia toward the future he envisions for it. I admire the way he turned around the huge, leaky boat that was the post-Yeltsyn Russia, repaired it and set it on a new course whose destination seems to be the best interests of the Russian people.
He rejected the cultural Marxism that has been destroying the national fiber of the Western nations, and actively encouraged a return to Russia’s traditions of Christian spirituality and morality and its national culture.
He opposed the Anglo-Zionist wars (effectively against Syria, not so much against Libya) and seeks to end the unipolar world that follows USrael’s dictates.

To do all that he has had to rely on the strong support of the Russian people, whose long-battered national pride he sought to restore while also improving their daily lives. He has chosen to nurture it by subscribing to the myth of a Russian history that is one long epic poem flowing smoothly. No hiccups apparently interrupt it during the Bolshevik Revolution and the Soviet era. In the latter he embeds the allegedly unblemished heroism of the Red Army whose soldiers won the “Great War for the Defense of the Motherland” (i.e., WWII).
This kind of panegyric does not abide nuances, equivocations or qualifications. The Red Army, with whom the Russians still identify, could not be both heroes and villains. The memory of hecatombs of Russian soldiers could not be besmirched by mentioning the horrible war crimes they committed – the massacres, rapes and pillaging of the population in vanquished Germany and occupied Eastern Europe.
They could neither be the frauds that “rebuilt” the ovens at Auschwitz and cooperated with the Allies in manufacturing the Holocaust myth. They could not even be angels with dirty faces, fallen from grace. It was heroes or nothing. Putin chose “heroes.”
Once engaged on this course, it was not surprising that Russia explained the coup d’état and subsequent devastation of Ukraine under the Jewish oligarchy installed by Victoria Nuland-Kagan as the work of “fascists” – the villainous Banderistas. Villains they are but they are only tools used as the muscle enforcers of the Jewish satrapy. The official Russian propaganda repeatedly states that Russia fights “fascism” (and therefore “anti-semitism” as well), and so it must fight any “revisionism” of history that slights Russia and its glorious past.
Russia maintains its relations with Israel in good repair, and it avoids criticizing Israel’s depredations against the Palestinian people. Questioning the validity of the Holocaust myth is not allowed because it would open the can of worms of the Soviet Union’s role in creating it and with it the Red Army’s war crimes in Europe.

This is a blind alley for Russia, away from truth, away from the moral authority to question the lies of the Anglo-zionist empire.
In fact, at times, Russia seems to be slinking to appease, aid and abet the biggest recent lie of the Anglo-Zionist empire: the 9/11 false flag operation. How else to interpret the publication of this blatantly absurd proposition:

Queen Elizabeth Ordered Bin Laden Plane Crash in 9/11 Coverup

According to a report by Russian intelligence services Queen Elizabeth II is one of the main financiers of the 9/11 attacks, and recently ordered the shoot-down of the bin Laden plane that crashed in the UK on Friday.
The plane carried Osama bin Ladens sister, Sana bin Laden, who was arriving in Britain in the bin Laden’s private jet when a small missile blew it out of the sky.
According to the The Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), the Queen ordered the assassination of Sana bin Laden due to the fact that was due to give testimony before The Iraq Inquiry on Monday 3 August that would have proven that Osama bin Laden did not commit the 9/11 attacks.

Not only politically impotent but, apparently due to encroaching Alzheimer’s hardly able to order her own tea, the Queen is supposed to be the evil collaborator of the Saudis. This is an embellishment on the new scenario peddled by the US: “It was the Saudis, stupid!” The new Saudi scenario is predicated on the assumption that the gullible public will more readily accept a lie if it is served as a “truth” wrenched away from the government by force, like the “freedom of information act” fairy tale or the “redacted pages” in the 9/11 official report finally disclosed. Yes, you see, the 9/11 official report contained the truth; it’s just that they didn’t let us see all the pages. Right, and the Tooth Fairy left them under the pillow of valiant truth seekers.

What does Russia gain by doing this? Impossible to know. What it loses is obvious: the confidence of many people who have placed their hopes in Russia to stave off the advance of the “Awful Few.” After all, there are so very few realistic bets to make. There is no other power big enough to challenge USrael.

Some commentators have gone so far as to doubt Putin’s bona fides at several egregious crossroads (e.g., Libya) and called him a crypto-this or that, a disguised agent of Jewish power. They point to Putin’s bed sharing with some of Russia’s Jewish oligarchs, the ones he kept around with intact privileges.

I don’t think he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. My sense is that he earnestly and ambitiously wants to be the new Prince Vladimir who restores Russia to its erstwhile glory and pride of place in the world and that to achieve that he has chosen a strategy that he hoped would avoid collision with the immovable object that is Jewish Power while simultaneously stealthily gaining ground against it. He knew he needed time and fewer enemies.

I once had an experience of this kind many years ago when swimming in the Atlantic from a beach I did not know well. Upon trying to return I realized I could not: there was a circular current that I could not penetrate head on. I started swimming with it and “stealing” into it with every stroke. It took me a very long time to make it back and I came ashore very far from the beach from where I left.
Putin’s strategy, if it is the same, will also make him end up far from where he intends to land. Russia’s blind alley is far from truth, astray and, if it confuses those who rely on it, a lonely place to be with less to show by way of accomplishments than all its fans hope for.


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  1. LeseMajeste August 14, 2015 at 7:49 am #

    Queen Elizabeth Ordered Bin Laden Plane Crash in 9/11 Coverup

    Sounds like a ‘Sorcha Faal’ special.

    Putin’s difficult to fathom, but he does appear to be on the Jew’s side regarding the holohoax, since he helped pass a law forbidding serious research on that noxious VERBOTEN.

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