Suggestions for Trump’s Acceptance Speech

I regret the delay—due to personal reasons – in bringing these suggestions to Donald Trump’s attention earlier. Only a few short days remain before his official acceptance of the Republican party’s nomination as their candidate for the presidency of the US. His acceptance speech will be of capital importance, as it will outline his program to “make America great again,” to “make America work,” and to “make America safe.”
These are lofty ideals and ambitious goals but so far they are only bare bones that need to be fleshed out with a convincing, concrete plan. It is the key weapon with which to crush Hillary.

I have given his goals careful thought with a view to suggesting feasible and effective measures that are also uniquely consonant with his talents and past experience and bear the unmistakable imprint of his personality. They cannot be plagiarized because I made his ‘signature’ inimitable.

I hope these brilliant (if I say so myself) suggestions reach him in time to be included in his acceptance speech.

Here they are in no particular order:

Trump correctly identified the sore points in the middle class’ complaints: American factories have closed down, resulting in unemployment, and just about all goods sold in the US today are manufactured in places like China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, etc.

Set up factories in all the states and hire hundreds of thousand (if not millions) of unemployed US citizens to work non-stop to sew/affix/stencil/engrave “Made in America” on all imported manufactured goods.

Results: • dramatically lowers unemployment; • boosts morale and national pride.

Predictably the added cost, passed on to the consumers, will be reflected in the increased sale price of the goods, but only unpatriotic Americans could grumble.
Furthermore, this is justified by the fact that those far-away foreign factories are owned either by American entrepreneurs or by multinational corporations that number many American citizens among their owners/major share holders, so in a way those places are America too, as Rupert Brooke almost said:

“That there’s some corner of a foreign field
That is for ever ‘merica. There shall be
In that rich earth a richer dust concealed;
A dust whom the US bore, shaped, made aware”

Trump’s idea to build a wall on the Mexican border to stave off the illegal entry of undocumented migrants is a solid concept but it needs refinement and some cost-cutting changes. A reinforced concrete wall is costly. We know, because we paid for Israel to build theirs:

Erect an uninterrupted fence made of huge billboards that on the Mexican side bear the warning “Trump Lives Here.” It is a powerful deterrent. The billboards may be manufactured south of the border to lower the cost, and this will usefully employ would-be illegal immigrants and encourage them to stay home. But they must be marked “Made in America” by American workers in America’s new factories.

These billboards are cheap; they just need branding:

Trump wishes to wage war on “radical Islamists” to eliminate the danger they pose to our security, our way of life and our values. Excellent goal but again, it needs definition. The Obama administration has shamefully failed to identify (to Putin’s disdain) who and where exactly are the “moderates” that need protection and support, as opposed to the radical islamists now destroying Syria and large parts of the ME. His alphabet terrorist-naming games fool no one. He is a coward.
Trump is no pussyfooter. He must state the obvious:
the “moderates” we support are those seen in long convoys of hundreds upon hundreds of spanking-new Toyota trucks, who have sophisticated weaponry, including anti-tank rockets.

As a friend of Israel and a personal friend of Netanyahu, Trump could also ask a favor, namely, for Israel to implant GPS chips in the brave moderates treated in Israeli hospitals to make sure we do not strike them by mistake.

It is true that from time to time some bad apples among them commit crude acts, like beheadings, but we must understand that they carry a heavy burden of stress. Recently, the beheading of some children in Iraq by our moderates got a lot of attention by the media but the reports gave no background whatsoever, no context to allow us to judge the incident fairly. I live next door to a primary school and during recess I am almost tempted to call ISIS or Al Nusra, or whoever our moderates are, to obtain surcease from noise. Anyway, these are the moderates whom we must support to bring democracy to Syria, whose citizens undoubtedly look upon Libya (which we did earlier) with envy.
All the rest are radical Islamists most often disguised as civilians, or openly part of Syria’s army supporting tyranny, or Hizbollah fighters (Israel’s, and therefore our, enemies). Trump must make it clear that it is our policy insofar as the war against radical Islam is concerned to target all Islamists who:
• do not own new Toyota trucks or appropriate weapons;
• receive no financial support from us or our regional allies (the Saudis or Qatar);
• did not meet with John McCain or another high US official;

• are not on any CIA/FBI list of informers, contacts, or persons of interest.

With regards to Israel, whose security is our security, Trump has already stated that he favors negotiations to solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is supremely appropriate for him to help Israel negotiate peace with the Palestinians because, after all, he described his thoughts and experience to a Jewish writer who then wrote “The Art of the Deal” for him. The collaboration must continue with mutual assistance.

This seems so obvious to me it is a no-brainer:
Israel – a peace-loving country with tolerance and love for all humanity — must only become a little more flexible and accept that “you gotta give a little, take a little, lose a little, win a little,” as the Jewish diva, Bette Midler sang.
Specifically, how about offering the Palestinians now living in Jerusalem and the West Bank transportation in brand-new Toyota trucks so they can vacate the premises and move to Gaza, with the additional inducement of being able to keep the trucks free of charge. The trucks can be used as abodes, given the shortage of housing in Gaza. The Gaza problem should be the subject of future negotiations. The trucks should in all fairness be donated by Japan as a downpayment on Holocaust reparations Japan has never paid yet for aiding Germany to gas six million Jews.

There is so much more, but time has run out as I am now working on ideas for Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech.


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