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Lawsuit Being Readied to Stop Geoengineering

By Richard Edmondson In the video above, Dane Wigington delivers a presentation on geoengineering which took place last September in Redding, California. Wigington maintains the GeoengineeringWatch.org website, and he has gotten together with a team of lawyers to form the Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering, or LASG. On Monday of this week, the LASG filed […]

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Responses to My Article on Geoengineering

By Richard Edmondson Koyaanisqatsi–It’s a Hopi Indian word meaning “world out of balance.” In the 1980s when the word first began making its entry into the mainstream American lexicon, most people assumed it meant “out of balance” in terms of the global environment. And that was the context in which it was usually used. Lately, […]

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The Strange Times We Live In: Geoengineering and Morgellons Disease

By Richard Edmondson A friend of mine sent me the following graphic a few days ago. It expresses, through a heavy dose of irony, the strangeness of the times we live in… We have of course become a society rigidly governed by concepts of political correctness. Offend this or that group and you will pay […]

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