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‘An Outsider’s Inside View’ of the Group that Zionists Loathe and Fear

                  Book Review: Hezbollah: An Outsider’s Inside View By Brenda Heard       Reviewed by Richard Edmondson Hezbollah is routinely branded a “terrorist” organization by Western media, but if asked, most Americans would probably be hard-pressed to name a single terrorist act the group has committed […]

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Pouring Gasoline on the Fire

By Richard Edmondson The US and Turkey have come to an agreement under which US military personnel will begin training so-called moderate rebels to fight in Syria. The announcement was made Tuesday. This is not just a foolish move; it is the equivalent of pouring gasoline on a fire. There are no moderate rebels. The […]

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The Abyss and the Sparrow Hawk: A Visit to the Hezbollah Museum

By Richard Edmondson Southern Lebanon is a beautiful place. The terrain is very hilly and mountainous, offering some breathtaking views, with a latticework of mountaintop villages that look like they could have sprung from the imagination of a Norman Rockwell, or at least his Middle Eastern counterpart. In short, there is an air of authenticity […]

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