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Out for Blood? Zionists Continue Attacks on Rep. Hank Johnson

By Richard Edmondson Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia has repeatedly apologized for his remarks on Israeli settlements, remarks in which he likened settlements popping up all over the West Bank to a termite infestation. Yet even so, the Zionists are still piling on him. “The ripple effect continues for U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson a week […]

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Termites and Israeli Settlers: A US Congressman’s Analogy

US Congressman Hank Johnson By Richard Edmondson Recently US Rep. Hank Johnson of Georgia  drew a somewhat controversial analogy. Johnson compared the destructive nature of Israel’s ongoing illegal settlement enterprise to the foundational destruction caused by termite infestation of a house. As you may expect, the comments drew the inevitable “anti-Semite” accusations, and not surprisingly […]

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Zionist Desperation and the Coming Societal Pivot

By Richard Edmondson We are approaching a pivotal time in America. With the aging of the older generation–that is to say those who grew up prior to the age of the Internet–the percentage of the population relying mainly upon mainstream media for its news will slowly diminish. A younger generation, consisting of those accustomed to […]

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