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Pirouette: The Bear and the Star of David

By Richard Edmondson We have heard very little coming from Russia, certainly of late at any rate, concerning Israel—in terms of either its occupation of Palestinian land or its illegal settlement expansions. Correspondingly, Israel seems to be returning the favor by saying nothing about Russia’s actions in Ukraine. In fact, a strange sort of pirouette […]

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Estonia: NATO’s Gambit Against Russia

By Richard Edmondson Recently US officials and their mainstream media strumpets have been doing a great deal of querulous grousing over Russian troops said to be “massing” along Ukraine’s border. What they don’t mention is what precisely has been “massing” for a number of years outside Russia’s border—in the Baltic state of Estonia. Last month […]

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Another US Warship Moving Towards the Black Sea

As a group of lawmakers in the Russian Duma call upon Russian oil and gas producers to ditch the “dirty, bloody dollar,” another US warship is now moving toward the Black Sea. The following is from Stars and Stripes: A U.S. Navy warship is on its way to the Black Sea as part of the […]

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World Jewry vs. Russia

By Richard Edmondson World Jewry, or at least a substantial portion of it, has declared war on Russia. Jewish-controlled media, from the New York Times to the Washington Post to Tablet Magazine, have all launched vitriolic attacks against Vladimir Putin. The sole exception seems to be the Jewish Daily Forward, normally a voice of reason […]

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The Choo-Choo Train to Ukraine

By Richard Edmondson “Let’s get onboard the choo-choo train!” said Vicky to her playmates. “Where we gonna go?” asked Johnny? “We’re gonna go spread democracy!” And all the little regime-change buccaneers looked so cute and adorable as they boarded the train! “What’s democracy?” asked Barryy-O, stepping up into the passenger carriage with a happy, bright […]

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