The Jewish Inquisition in France

[Translator’s Note: The Jewish Inquisition’s punitive operations are unfolding more ferociously than ever in France against the ‘heretics’ who  (1) “deny the Shoa” by questioning its dogma (historians or intellectuals like Faurisson, Soral and others) or ridiculing it (Dieudonné); (2) speak about the predominant ethnicity of the global banking elite, thus “inciting hate”; (3) criticize France’s “Israel First” foreign policy, also thus “inciting hate;” (4) criticize Israel’s actions against the Palestinians (cf the edict that “anti-zionism is a masque to hide anti-semitism”).

The Jewish news outlet JSS News published an interview I would describe as gloating with one member of the Jewish Inquisition, the procurator Olivia Chafir who obtained the recent new convictions (jail and heavy fines) against Hervé Ryssen and Alain Soral for their heretical publications and, in Alain Soral’s case also for the “anti-semitic” gesture — the “quenelle”– he made in front of  the Holocaust Monument in Berlin.

The pretty inquisitrice (as pretty as the new Israeli Minister of Justice) made her accusations in the Paris Tribunal as a member of the newly constituted Jewish European Organization — Jewish lawyers from various European countries who, as she explains in the interview below, have decided to take a “more firm position against anti-semitism in all its forms.” The title of the article describing the interview smugly announces the fresh victory of the Jewish Inquisition.]

Encounter with the Lawyer Who Succeeded in Having Anti-Semities Ryssen and Soral Convicted

Exclusive JSSNews: Hervé Ryssen was indicted for racial defamation and incitement to hate and violence on the basis of his latest book, « Israel’s Billions. » The tribunal condemned him several days ago to a “non-commutable” incarceration term of 3 months. Our encounter with attorney Olivia Chafir, who obtained his condemnation, and who also participated in obtaining the verdict against Soral several weeks before in another suit, follows.

Olivia Chafir

JSSNews: Can you introduce yourself?
Olivia Chafir: I have been a practicing attorney for  10 years and I am a “generalist,”  involved in civil law, social and commercial. Since I have experience in penal law, I decided a year ago to join a group of lawyers that founded OJE (Jewish European Organization)  which focuses on fighting in a more efficient and concrete way against all forms of anti-semitism. When I joined, the Association was only five years old and the members participated wherever needed in helping other organizations as well, like BNVCA (Tr. Note: per wikkipedia: “a French anti-semitism watchdog group”) and ASF (Tr. Note: Avocats sans frontieres/Lawyers without borders). It was in this context that I came to deal, together with other colleagues, with the dossiers of Ryssen et Soral.

JSSNews: What was the verdict of the Paris Tribunal?
O.S.: Hervé RYSSEN was indicted for racial defamation and incitement to hate and violence for the same reasons, which had to do with his « book » — « Israel’s Billions » — the cover of which was identical to the anti-Jewish caricatures of the 30s, repeating the most abject clichés of anti-semitic caricatures. The procurators initially focused on the book’s cover, but having then read it, it transpired that every page was rife with infractions. The content was in fact worse than the cover. The tribunal highlighted the two accusations mentioned before but also took into account the personality of the author and his antecedents and found that the verdict of 3 months of non-commutable incarceration was appropriate.

JSSNews: Are you satisfied with this verdict?
O.C.: I am absolutely satisfied with this décision because a verdict of non-commutable incarceration is extremely rarely given by the Correctional Tribunal specialized in cases regarding freedom of the press.  Also, one can only be delighted that the judges realized that the usual punishment dealt before — fines — fails to have a discouraging effect and thus they (the judges) have advanced jurisprudence. This kind of punishment (i.e., incarceration) will help, in my opinion, to make society understand that anti-semitic activities are not only condemnable but condemned.

JSSNews: Was this the first time that you acted as procurator in an anti-semitism case?
O.C.: It was not the first time but this time I had the opportunity to see how serious this problem is in our society. Today the anti-semitic cliches are so solidly anchored in the minds that they have become an «opinion» and for some even a reality that they claim is being censored. Irrespective of the venue, public or private, appearing in the media or not, the anti-semitic process has dramatic consequences. The individuals who are most visible and have a large pulpit in the social media constitute a vector of hate that renders the term “anti-semite” banal. The results are that they believe themselves to be legitimate in their pronouncements and others in their deeds that enact them.

JSSNews: What was the atmosphere surrounding the legal proceedings during the Ryssen et Soral hearing?
O.C.: Hervé Ryssen did not appear at his hearing. He has a habit of being absent and then resorting to making an appeal to get another judge. It was not necessary to prove the anti-semitic character of his book. The author himself boasts of being an anti-semite.

As for the suit against Soral for making the quenelle gesture at the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, the atmosphere at the trial was intolerable. Soral came accompanied by his «fan club» and transformed the proceedings into a grotesque spectacle.

What struck me the most is the complete l’inversion of values by Soral who presents himself as a resistance fighter, like a victim harrassed by his accusers. … Soral, who tries to hide his anti-semitism behind anti-zionism, which fails to fool,  has displaced the debate by anchoring his defense in a ‘legitimate political criticism of zionism.’  Thus, according to him, his hurtful act against the Jewish community committed in such a symbolic  place can be explained away by the way in which the zionists «use the Holocaust for political aims.» And even his defense attorney went astray during his plea,  trying to justify the unjustifiable.

JSSNews: Dieudonné, Soral, Ryssen, have been condemned more than once before for anti-semitism, so are their sentences sufficiently severe?
O.C.: The large number of sentences passed against Dieudonné, Soral, Ryssen and others and their recurrent recidivism demonstrate that the sentences are not a deterrant and thus not appropriate.  It is obvious that, for example the fines, which, have not even been paid yet for the most part, are not the appropriate punishment. In fact we must not forget that it is the danger they represent that must be combatted.

Ilan Halimi, Merah, l’Hypercasher, daily acts of hate and violence in our streets, in our schools, are all consequences of their propaganda. From the free rein given to anti-semitic speech we have arrived at the impossible situation in which we are forced to try to explain the most elementary concepts: the difference between free speech and incitement to hate or apology for terrorism.

Hate spreads and it is from this very compost that it draws nourishment: Soral, Dieudonné and others. It draws nourishment both literally and figuratively. Taking into account the funds they receive from their hate commerce, the fines easily covered are not sufficiently severe.

JSSNews: Are you contemplating other actions to combat and/or bring to justice the anti-semites ?
O.C.: Anti-semitism is a real problem in our society whose manifestations we have seen in the summer of 2014 with expressions like «Death to the Jews.» Fighting anti-semitism is an absolute necessity. The judicial solution, although insufficient, is nevertheless needed.

Systematic pursuit (of anti-semites) may appear counterproductive because one of their favorite arguments: is the claim that the focus on Jews and anti-semitic acts represents a “double standard.” Nevertheless, there is a mathematical constant: although Jews are less than 1% of the population in France they suffer the largest number of racist acts. So, although the hope of not hearing about anti-semitism in France is dear to me, it will not come true before anti-semitism disappears.


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