Ukraine Leads the Way

Ukraine leads the way in forging a real democracy, giving the people what they really want and need.

For all the known reasons Ukraine is called a banana republic without bananas. Granted, it is the sorry land run by corrupt and criminal oligarchs placed at the trough containing the remains of Ukraine riches by global masters and it is in complete economic disarray and bankrupt. One could say it was done with just a phone call and a bag of cookies. Its ministers are appointees of the same oligarchs, themselves puppets of international vultures. All that is true.

Nevertheless, recently, silently, without any public announcement, the Ukrainian rulers made a move that we hope portends a trend worthy of being followed by other, much bigger banana republics run by international vultures. They appointed as Deputy Interior Minister Anastasia Deeva, a 24-year-old woman whose only experience in anything that could be considered public service was sharing her nude photos with the world. And she is a looker! She has been criticized for her alleged expensive “taste in Western clothes brands.” It must be a fabrication since it is impossible to tell her sartorial preference from the photos.

She is now the Deputy Interior Minister for EU Integration. Her boss, an Arsen Avakov, dismissed criticism of this appointment as ‘bigotry’ and ‘ageist.’ The EU officials eagerly waiting to interact with her as often as possible are sure to disagree with Avakov’s critics.

Why didn’t they think of doing something like this in the US or the UK? Since it makes no difference whatsoever who is appointed to read the teleprompter, why shouldn’t the politicians be a sight for sore eyes?

Watching TV occupies more time daily in most Western families that talking to each other or with their children and immeasurably more than reading or just stopping to think. Why not improve people’s viewing experience, especially on news programs, with politicians who are men and women of outstanding physical aspect?

Fellow Americans, would you rather see this:

than this:

Anastasia Deeva at work

Fellow Europeans, are you not sick and tired of seeing this:

Ukraine leads the way. Let us not tarry and follow the lead. With Trump’s experience in running the Miss America Pageant, he is well qualified to change course in appointing some decent looking women for a change. Let us not be sexists though and demand equally high standards for male appointees.

No more faces like this:

It’s a shame handsome men like Jim Caviezel would not accept a political appointment:

Surely, however, there are lots of very good-looking men who do not have his ethical hangups look at this now. A Mr. America Pageant would immediate provide candidates galore.

Let’s make America beautiful again!


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