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Biden to Replace Poroshenko

Breaking News: AP (Ariadna Press): May 31, 2016. “Biden to Replace Poroshenko” screamed the headlines in the Ukrainian press before CNN, Fox News, MSNBC or BBC could catch up. The White House released a brief statement announcing that at the urgent request of Ukraine, and upon consultation with President Obama, VP Biden has accepted the […]

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Fun in the Ukrainian Parliament

A member of the Ukrainian Parliament approached Yatzi” (as Victoria Nudelman Kagan affectionately called Yaseniuk), pretending to try to give him a bouquet of flowers. What followed was fun for all. The passive attitude of Yatzi, like a dummy, is also fun to see. Too bad the Ukrainian Parliament does not devote more time to […]

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The Man Who Eats His Ties Is Safe

The man who eats his ties when nervous — and he is nervous most of the time, his murine eyes darting anxioulsy as he speaks — Mikheil Saakhachvili, former President of Georgia (2004-2013) — has just renounced his Georgian citizenship and even his more recently acquired American citizenship, and acquired a Ukrainian citizenship. It was […]

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ISIS/ISIL in Ukraine

[Ed. Note: I am utterly confused by these protean Islamic terrorists. It is hard enough to keep track of their evolution and name changes. I was not even sure how to pronounce AlQaeda correctly so I just translated it back to “the Database,” but the acronyms are no easier: ISIS, IS, ISIL, ISL, DAISH. A […]

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Soros Looks to Co-Own Ukraine

Soros Looks to Co-Own Ukraine [Ed. Note: After a color Maidan, a coup d’etat and more than 6,000 people senselessly killed in Ukraine, there is enough blood in the water to attract Soros and his ilk] Billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros has proposed a $1 billion contribution of a combined $50 billion investment package […]

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Geoffrey Pyatt, A Profile in NWO Crime

Geoffrey Pyatt’s career is described in the video below — a true profile in NWO crime extending over several continents, leaving behind the devastation of several nations, and culminating recently with his role in the tragic events in Ukraine: the Maidan color revolution (the second one for Ukraine), the coup d’etat and the installation of […]

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Moscow’s Big Problem

Moscow’s Big Problem is the title I would have chosen for Finian Cunningham’s article. The title he used is too good. Yes, it is so good that it expresses the whole article completely and succinctly. You almost don’t need to read article anymore: it’s all in the title. But I recommend that you still do […]

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Soros the Satirist

George Soros gave a speech on Ukraine recently that is one of the best political satires ever, all the more so for being a deadpan delivery by a man who modestly does not see himself as a satirist but merely as a cynical, lying predator. His description of Ukraine will be judged in the fullness […]

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Download Full Movie Hidden Figures (2016) English Subtitle

Hidden Figures (2016) Free Latest Films, Full Movie Online Streaming Free, Free Movies Streaming, English Subtitles Full HD. Quality : HD Title : Hidden Figures. Director : Theodore Melfi Release : December 10, 2016 Language : en. Runtime : 127 min Genre : Drama, History. Plot ‘Hidden Figures’ is good movie tell story about The […]

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“Save the New Ukraine!”

“Save the new Ukraine!” is the appeal made by Levy and Soros in the New York Times yesterday. Two humanitarians who have only one thing in common — not nationality, not profession, not country or even continent of residence — and that one thing is a noble concern for “the new Ukraine” desperately in need of […]

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Ukraine Had Been Warned

Ukraine had been warned by Oleg Tsarov that a color revolution closer to war was being prepared by no less than the US ambassador in Ukraine and an NGO operating from the territory of the American embassy. The US ambassador, we may recall, was the infamous Mr. Pyatt whose intercepted conversation with Victoria Nuland-Kagan revealed […]

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Ukrainian Junta Aggression Up Close

These are three videos that should be seen by all Ukrainians living under the regime of the oligarchs’ junta. Zacharchenko speaks to the “Ukie” captives. Impressive. Zacarchenko explains the root of the conflict: The prisoners being given a taste of the feelings of the civilian population they had attacked:

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Israel in Ukraine

Israel’s Secret Plan for a «Second Israel» in Ukraine by Wayne MADSEN  The Times of Israel, an independent Israeli newspaper that counts among its staff a number of former reporters for the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, published a fascinating but largely overlooked story datelined Jerusalem and Zhitomir, Ukraine, March 16, 2014, and which was written by […]

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On the Question of Whether Jesus was a “Jew”–pt. 3

By Richard Edmondson Below is the third installment of Benjamin Freedman’s 1954 letter on the question of whether Jesus should be referred to or regarded as a “Jew.” If you haven’t read the first two parts, I strongly encourage you to do so. Part one is here and part two is here. In this third […]

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Germany to Pay Caballine Compensation

Germany Owes Horses an Apology and Must Pay Caballine Compensation for Pain and Suffering Germany is at it again. Inflicting emotional pain on the victims of its persecution. This time the victims are two fine Chechen horses, but if this act of anti-caballinism is not stopped it could endanger 6 million horses whose only fault is that they […]

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Kasparov — Bad Chess Move

Having Kasparov make rabid barking noises against Putin is a bad chess move by the JP Hasbara bureau. First why pick a zionist Jew for the job at a time when their stock is low and sinking in Goy public opinion? Isn’t Netanyahu enough of a headache for the spin masters to handle? Second, why […]

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Information war for Ukraine

“The information war for Ukraine” – Satirical German program “Die Anstalt” (Eng Subs) German comedians once again satirize the lies insistently propagated by the German MSM about the tragedy that is Ukraine in a sketch that has the audience laughing and applauding. The image of the Novorussiya defense fighter showing a toy picked up in […]

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Ukraine — Safe Haven for Organ Traffickers

Ukraine has become a safe haven for human organs traffickers by Alexander Donetsky [Excerpted] Numerous reports on systematic destruction of populated areas in the Donbass and Luhansk regions by Ukrainian military have been becoming public domain. The evidence has been plentiful: photos, videos, international observers and journalists’ reports. Neither the United States nor Europe have […]

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Malaysian Flight MH17 Crash Analysis

This is the definitive analysis, carried out by the Russian Union of Engineers, of the crash of Malaysian flight MH17. (Uploaded on youtube yesterday with English subtitles.) Strangely, or rather unsurprisingly, the whole subject of this terrorist act, very likely a ruthless false flag operation that led to the death of the passengers of that […]

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W A T C H [HD] The Promise (2017) English Episode

The Promise (2017) Free Latest Films, Full Movie Online Watch Free, Free Movies Streaming, English Subtitles Full HD. The Promise (2017) HD [1080p] Director : Terry George Release : April 21, 2017 Production Company : Babieka, Wonderful Films, Survivor Pictures Language : en Runtime : 130 min. Genre : Romance, Drama. Plot ‘The Promise’ is […]

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