The War against Thought Crime

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[Ed. Note: I am not a legal scholar but even I can tell that Canada’s (and much of Europe’s) laws against hate crimes are in dire need of streamlining. The number of crimes identified as “hate crimes” keeps growing by leaps and bounds due to the proliferation of conspiracy theories popping up in the alternative media canada goose, social media and on campuses. Obviously the most heinous is Holocaust denial, but there is also 9/11 denial as there are sundry “false flag” and “Islamophobia” conspiracy theories. It is high time that legal minds in authority finally realize that all these crimes belong in one large generic category: THOUGHT CRIME.

It is also clear to me that simply punishing all perpetrators of thought crimes is not enough. Efforts must be made to prevent thought crime before it happens. Time to declare war on thought crime. As always when our security is threatened, the so-called right to privacy and the much overvalued and mostly abused right to free speech should not weigh into consideration.

How about this simple idea: just as all law-abiding US citizens declare their annual income to the IRS and pay their dues goose canada, they should also have their thoughts audited periodically through tests administered by the Department of Homeland Security. The tests should probe to detect the incipient germs of thought crime, which often masquerade as “common sense,” much in the way that anti-semitism is disguised as criticism of Israel’s policies.

Remember, as Benjamin Franklin said: One ounce of prevention is worth a pound of terrorist attacks by those who hate our freedom.

This applies to Canada as well, rife with thought crimes, as detailed by Rehmat in the article below.]

Canada: Denying official terror story is ‘Hate Crime’!

Canadian-born Lord Conrad Black’s (married to British Jewish journalist Barbara Amiel) newspaper Lethbridge Herald has accused professor Anthony James Hall (University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada) of hate crime for not believing in several ‘official terror stories’. For example, Dr. Hall claims that the Ottawa Parliament shooting in 2014 was a scheme to keep Israeli puppet Stephen Harper in power; the Sandy Hook massacre was staged to promote gun control; and Jewish Zionists are waging a secret war to demonize Muslims around the world through control of western media.

Incidentally, the Lethbridge Herald missed to mention that Dr. Hall also challenges the ‘official 9/11 story’.

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