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    The Russian hacking scandal during the 2016 US Election revealed much about the importance of having basic internet security protocols in place for all professional and personal computing. In what is called a spear-phishing attack, the 2016 hackers were able to access sensitive campaign information because a staffer clicked a misleading link in an illicit ...
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    There are many types of pigs in the world, both domestic and wild. Each type varies in appearance, size and biological characteristics. The next time you sit down to enjoy your plate of bacon, you might find yourself wondering what breed of pig that it originated from. Like earlier mentioned, there many different varieties of ...
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    Currently, according to the scientific community, there are 16,000 record ant species and subspecies. The good thing is you are likely only to find a few or even just one of those residing in your home. With the knowledge of the different types of ants, you are in a better position to deal with an ...