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Christians, Wake up!

The Muslims are fully awake and hurting badly. The Christians are still slumbering. Not those hurting in Palestine just like their Muslim brothers, but those in the wide world, still ignorant, still unengaged, and those who are lacking in true Christian spirit and unable to be moved by the suffering of Muslim Palestinians. Will they be […]

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Jews Are Suprarational

[Ed. Note: An Orthodox Jewish woman explains why she refused to shake President Bush’s hand when he met with a group that represented his true constituency to “shmooze” them. It had nothing to do with his politics, which were impeccable “Israel First” vintage. It had to do with the fact that, although not a Jew, […]

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‘An Outsider’s Inside View’ of the Group that Zionists Loathe and Fear

                  Book Review: Hezbollah: An Outsider’s Inside View By Brenda Heard       Reviewed by Richard Edmondson Hezbollah is routinely branded a “terrorist” organization by Western media, but if asked, most Americans would probably be hard-pressed to name a single terrorist act the group has committed […]

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Acting Out Their Vengeance Fantasies?

By Richard Edmondson I included this video in a post I put up several days ago, but after watching it a few times, I’ve decided it bears closer consideration, and am reposting it now for that reason. As you view it, be sure to click the “cc” icon for the English subtitles. The video shows a […]

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Israel’s Image

This photo is an encouraging indication that Israel’s image in the world reflects its true nature for more or more observers. This is Weimaraner, not a breed at the top of the canine intelligence scale. They are pretty platinum blonde airheads who never read anything other than the labels on the Chicken Jerky Treats. A Doberman […]

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Russia’s Blind Alley

Russia’s Blind Alley I should state from the outset that I am a fan of Putin, not a fanatic fan, but a fan nonetheless, for the tremendous work he has been doing to steer Russia toward the future he envisions for it. I admire the way he turned around the huge, leaky boat that was […]

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Crescent and Cross in Action

[Ed.Note: Here’s Crescent and Cross in action in Lebanon.] Homage to Hassan Nasrallah One thing you will notice about this tribute to Nasrallah is that it is taking place for the most part at a church. The Christians of Lebanon know who is killing Christians in the Middle East, and it isn’t Hezbollah.

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Israel for Dummies

This is Robert Martin. I don’t know who he is, but he has a nice T-shirt. Ad he defines zionism in Israel for Dummies pretty succinctly.

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Holocaust Denial: Romania’s New Dracula

“Holocaust denial,” i.e., rejecting or even doubting any portion of the what Arthur R. Butz amply documented to be “the hoax of the twentieth century, is banned in all Western European countries as well as in some of Rumsfeld’s “new Europe.” But banned twice? Only in Romania. It was first banned in 2002. The Jews […]

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Anthrax Attack of 2001: Another Inside Job?

Anthrax Attack of 2001: Another inside job ? Revisiting a forgotten episode of the “war on terror”  Only a few weeks after the attack of 9/11 2001, the US was again pushed into the terrorism psychosis, a second wave less spectacuar but much more pernicious: the letters contaminated with spores of the anthrax disease, anonymously sent and addressed to to the media […]

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Palestinian Suffering: The Gays

The real Palestinian suffering, arising from the oppression of gay Palestinians — a grave societal issue in the environment of Palestinian culture permeated by Islam — is hidden by anti-Israel propaganda, which focuses on various political issues, publicizing a plethora of images aimed at delegitimizing Israel, like these below, obviously taken out of context: This pro-Palestinian […]

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Dismantling French Culture to Make It Jew Friendly

Le Corbusier Methodically remaking the history of French culture in all domains to make it Jew friendly, the Jewish Inquisition has made its way to architecture. Le Corbusier, a giant in the history of modern architecture has just had his kosher auto-da-fé.  The Business Insider says his legacy is “threatened”: “Le Corbusier — the Swiss-French […]

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Uruguayan Feminists Cite Obstacles to Abortion

“Uruguayan Feminist Organization Enraged by Major Obstacles to Abortin on Demand The weekly Busqueda appearing in Montevideo published a long article over the vociferous protests of the feminist organization MYSU (Mujeres y Salud en Uruguay/Women and Health in Uruguay) against the obstacles that persist three years after the law liberalizing abortions was passed. The most […]

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Greeks Are Radical Extremists

Greeks are all a bunch of radical extremists, militants and hard-line leftists. So concludes Scott Creighton and one cannot fault his logic. Tsipras Purges Greek Government of “Extremist”, “Radical”, “Militant” “Leftists” (i.e. the ones who backed the Greek people) by Scott Creighton What does it mean when a democracy needs to get rid of public […]

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Uruguay’s Judaization

Uruguay’s Judaization –First published in The Ugly Truth] [Ed. Prefatory Notes: Uruguay’s judaization is proceeding apace. No country is too small, too far away, or too insignificant for geo-strategic purposes to fall outside the scope of global Jewish encroachment. Uruguay is no exception. It started with an avalanche of American and European movies dealing with the […]

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Bernie Sanders, a Jewish Bet

A slightly modified version of this post appeared in The Ugly Truth. [Ed. Note: Las Vegas was invented by Jews and the gaming industry in the US is largely owned and controlled by Jews so they know a thing or two about betting. Safe betting, of course. In the high-stakes game in which the winner-take-all pot […]

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Mavi Marmara, Take 2

Mavi Marmara, Take 2 Scott Creighton delivers the news of the Israeli announcement of their plan to attack the Gaza Freedom Flotilla 3 in international waters and kidnap all hands on deck, illegally transporting them by force to Israel. Will this replay of the Mavi Marmara attack be as bloody as the first or will the […]

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Buy Zara!

Buy Zara! Support those attacked by Jewish whiners who wail and sue for being persecuted, and by the politically correct thought police and their cultural marxism-infested fellow travellers. Jewish employee dismissed by Zara files lawsuit for homophobic and anti-semitic discrimination.   Under pressure before this, Zara withdrew its “White Is the New Black” T-shirt. How about some […]

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“Community” — What’s in a Word?

“Community,” an earstwhile innocuous word broadly denoting a group of people living in close proximity and sharing some common interests and values is now a politically-charged cultural marxist term. It denotes a political entity in the model established by Jewish activism, specifically, a false, fragmentary identity of individuals who: — Have only one common characteristic, […]

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Pope Francis Wants Us to Beg Forgiveness

The Pope launches an appeal for acceptance of the refugees Pope Francis asks for acceptance of the refugees that arrive every day by the thousands in Europe, most of them in Italy, and asks us to «pray for forgiveness for the people and the institutions who close the door to these people.» It is an invitation to the responsibility […]

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